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  1. Dog nutrition cream can help quickly supplement nutrition after the disease, malnutrition, and picky dogs to enhance resistance. Dog nutrition cream is also suitable for working dogs with very large daily consumption, which can help them replenish physical strength. The role of dog nutrition creams can quickly supplement nutrition and increase resistance for picked eaters or malnourished dogs. Growth puppies and working dogs with large daily consumption are also suitable for feeding nutrition creams. Pets of obesity and pet -feeding nutrition creams in weight loss can meet daily energy needs.
    The component of dog nutrition cream Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, minerals, amino acids, lecithin cod liver oil, concentrated milk protein, folic acid, taurine, ω-6 not Saturated fatty acids, calcium lactate, olive oil, flavor agent, malt syrup, etc.

    The application range of dog nutrition cream When the dogs at home are always not eating well, but not because of the disease, you can feed some nutrition cream at this time; some physical fitness; You can add nutrients to pets to pets before the game or before surgery; older dogs are more suitable for consumption nutrition cream and easy to digest and absorb.

    The daily daily dosage of dog nutrition cream 1. 5-10ml per 5 kg per day;
    2. A small number of dogs before feeding, a small amount of this product can be adapted in the mouth, Then you can be fed directly;
    3. Some dogs need to mix other foods to eat together until the situation improves as the main meal supplement.
    4. The amount of meals is small: 10-20ml per day per day. You can also follow the doctor's guidance.

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