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  1. Legal analysis: If the mediation is not possible after the death of pets, the parties may ask for anatomy for corpse. The petty industry association entrusts professional institutions to issue an anatomy report, and then the authoritative expert group hired by the association will issue an appraisal report based on an anatomy report. After receiving the report, the association will make a handling of responsibilities and the proportion of responsibility for both parties, and send the results to the municipal animal health supervision and management office for the record. If there is an unlicensed operation such as the pet diagnosis and treatment site, the supervision and investigation can be supervised and investigated. However, the animal medical disputes mentioned by the reporter exceeded the scope of supervision of the supervision institute. If the two parties cannot negotiate, they can be resolved through legal channels.
    The legal basis: The "Code of the People's Republic of China"
    1165 Apotors to damage the civil rights and interests of others due to faults, shall bear the liability for infringement. It should be preserved in accordance with the law that the perpetrator is faulty, and if he cannot prove that he has no fault, he shall bear the liability for infringement.
    11.66 Acts cause the people's rights and interests to damage the people's rights and interests. Regardless of whether the perpetrators have faults or not, the law stipulates that the law shall bear the liability of infringement shall be in accordance with its regulations.
    11.67 infringement behaviors that endanger the safety of others and property, and the infringer has the right to request the infringer to bear the liability of infringement such as stopping infringement, eliminating obstacles, and eliminating danger.

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