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  1. Dogs are rare because of too much feeding, causing indigestion. There is no time to drive the dog with insects, and the dog's belly has insects. Without keeping warmth for the dog, the dog has a cold. Dog food is frequently replaced, and dogs are not adapted. If the dog accidentally eats metamorphic food, it will also be diluted.
    The dumplings are too much feeding. There is no feeling of fullness for the dog. Some owners think that the dogs keep feeding the dogs without eating Bad, dilute. For this situation, as long as the owner feeds the dog regularly and quantitatively, it can be improved. You can also feed the dogs to feed some pet probiotics to regulate the stomach, help digestion, and protect the dog's intestinal health.
    The one of the reasons for the dog's dilute is a insect that causes the dog to be diluted. It may be that the dog's belly has insects. Don't think that you can drive the dog for insects. The owner can observe the dog's stool to see if there are insect eggs or bugs. Whether it is a puppies or a dog, you must repeat the dogs regularly. After the insect -driven dogs may be worse, the mental is weak. These are normal phenomena.
    The resistance of dogs is not as strong as human resistance. It is not as strong as humans, and the owner is easy to pay cold. The host wants to keep warm for the dog. It is cold to add a cushion to the dog. It is best to drink warm water for the dog.

    The dogs are frequently changed food. Some owners frequently change the dog food to cause dog food to cause dogs to be uncomfortable and vomit. So don't change the dog food frequently, usually change it once in half a year. When replacing, you can mix new grains into old grains and let the dogs slowly adapt.
    It dogs are diluted with food poisoning dogs if they accidentally eat metamorphic foods, or spicy foods, they will stimulate the dog's stomach, which will cause dogs to be diluted. Therefore, you should usually be optimistic about dogs. Do not let it turn over the trash can. Do not let your dogs pick up food. The food pots that are usually fed should be cleaned every day to keep it clean, which can prevent bacteria from breeding.

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