5 thoughts on “How can pet dogs too thin?”

  1. I think that if you find that your pet dog is too thin, we should take it to the pet hospital first, check whether his intestine is normal, and whether there is a bug in the intestine. Then we can use some good dog food, or self -help some dog food, for example, you can use beef flour, or some fresh fish flavor and fruits are mixed together to grow dogs slowly for our pet dogs. It will become fatter

  2. He usually let him eat some fat and high -fat foods, and usually take him out to exercise, let him develop the bad habits of delicious laziness, and slowly you will find that your dog will get getting fatter. The method is effective, but there are certain risks, so be careful.

  3. Pet dogs are too thin and want to eat fat. There are many ways to add food to him, that is, to feed him more foods it likes to eat in daily life, so it will supplement energy. At the same time, give him more high -calorie dog food, and then reduce its daily exercise, which will gradually gain weight.

  4. If the pet dog is too thin. I think the owner of the dog can take the dog to the pet hospital to find a doctor to check the dog, and then determine the problem before acting on the other. You can buy more dog food and other dogs to eat, and slowly let the dog get fat

  5. You can add more dog food to her daily food volume. In this one, you can buy her more snacks. This can improve his appetite and increase his nutrition. If you can It can make pet dogs gain weight.

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