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  1. As we all know, the teddy dog ​​is a very docile dog, often afraid of the crowd, and it will depend on you very much in the long -term relationship. It is a very insecure dog. Many owners are worried that it is such a weak personality, because if you go outside, the owner is not around, it is easy to be bullied by other dogs, and it is also easy to be taken away by dog ​​traffickers. Essence So the owner should train it to become fierce.
    1. Some young teddy foods that can be used by food care are very strong. When eating food, it is not allowed or other Teddy to approach. You can use this instinct to cultivate bravery. First bite the young teddy and put a pot of food beside it. A trainer led the other teddy to the basin. At this time, the young Teddy barked for food care. Come out to drive the trainer and give the food basin to the young Teddy to eat delicious food.
    2. The use of group effects some young Teddy is timid. It is difficult to cultivate a single training. It can also use a multi -headed teddy group to barking group attacks and boldness. The key is to choose a fierce Teddy to take the lead in attacking, so that the timid young can be imitated.
    Buy training must end with Teddy "victory" each time. 3. Use the raw people to tease the method of encouraging pet dogs to attack irrelevant people. Take the young Tisi to the training venue, so that he pays attention to the trainer wearing dilapidated clothes. The trainer pretended to run away the trainer. During the offense, the trainer should cheer and fully rewarded Teddy.
    The good owners are urgently hoped that their Teddy dogs can get rid of their arms and truly grow up. After all, the owner cannot always be with it, so the above training for it is a benefit to it. What happened.

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