1 thought on “Is there a pet market in Mawan?”

  1. have.
    The pet market on the large set, all the grounds flying in the sky, a bit of zoo.
    Compared with other large sets of Qingdao, Jiaozhou Mawan Collection is special. On January 30, it was just a small collection of Mawan. The reporter came to the collection to experience the characteristics of the Mawan collection. The "Mawan Collection" is a rural collection with a well -known and high consumption popularity in Jiaozhou City. It is an important historical mark in the local area, and it has greatly facilitated the lives of the surrounding villagers. Cancel. In response to the noise, hygiene, transportation and other issues you report, Jiaodong Street has set up a joint group to increase the rectification of issues such as stalls, vehicles, and high horn volume, and littering. Smooth, clean and orderly environment.

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