1 thought on “How to feed the soil dog breastfeeding during breastfeeding”

  1. 1. Boy dogs cannot immediately eat dog food or other hard -stimulating foods after giving birth. You can try to give dogs glucose water or fresh chicken soup to help the bitch supplement your physical strength. Within 1 or 2 days after the dog is given, it is necessary to add drinking water for the dog's mother. At the same time, it is mainly porridge. You can add a small amount of meat.

    2. When pet dogs give birth to 3 or 4 days, they can increase the dog's food, such as meat, etc. At the same time, the dog mother must supplement various vitamins and trace elements for appropriate exercise. Generally speaking, when dogs have about 1 week after delivery, the diet of the bitch can slowly return to normal.

    3. After the dog is produced, you can also give it some fresh fish soup, and you can also choose some high -protein and are easy to digest food to feed the dog mother. Just eat pork lung and boil with rice into porridge. Square beef, chopping, adding a little chicken essence, cooked porridge -like rice porridge mix 1: 3. Nutrition or good dog food can be fed a few more times. Eat more protein -rich foods.

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