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  1. It should be confirmed whether there is restrictions on the number of heads
    If with small indoor dogs out, whether it is a train or a ship, it is generally easier to solve in the question of whether it is carried. However, many places may have other regulations on the number of transport heads. Before you want to bring a number of love dogs to travel, you must implement it in advance and set off.
    The regulations that should be complied with when taking a dog to the train
    In on the way to take a dog, if it is determined to hinder others, it may be expelled from getting off the car. So no matter how many people in the carriage, you must not run out of the dog. And before taking the car, let the dogs clean the urine.
    For the container requirements for pets, in general, the cage is required to be a reinforced structure, and there must be a tray that strong stools under the chassis, or tied to the chassis with a sack or cotton cushion. Other goods. On both sides of the cage, there are climbers that need to be extracted (can be made with wire), and the opening of the cage needs to be tight.
    Then take the pet to the shipbuilding office of the train station 2 hours before taking the train. The shipping fee is about 5 yuan per catty.

  2. When traveling at the plane
    , when taking a dog to travel by plane, the dog will be divided into a portable luggage for the cockpit placement. At first glance, the luggage compartment may make people feel uncomfortable. In fact, the environmental conditions such as temperature to air -conditioning are not much different from the cabin, and there is no need to worry about it.
    is just the owner unable to take care of the dog during the flight. Before taking off, you should let the dog clean the feces. If you find that your physical condition is not good, you can only consider the change.
    It also to be fixed. Dogs are charged, and the rates of each airline have corresponding quotations. If needed, you can directly check the airlines.
    In trains
    If dogs to take a dog, the freight rate of each railway transportation company is the same, but the condition is that the cage must be installed before it can be checked. And the limited dog and cage must not exceed 10 kilograms, the size of the cage is 70 cm long, and the total and high -level and high combination of no more than 90 cm. Therefore, if you bring a small indoor dog, there should be no problem with the train.
    This when traveling
    The most favorable benefit of traveling by boat is that if you make an appointment in advance, you can take the dog with you. You can take care of the dogs at any time on the way. But walking slowly, it is easy to seasick, and it is not so easy to sit up. Therefore, if it is not that the dog is accustomed to, you should try to avoid taking the boat as much as possible, especially be careful not to take the boat for a long time. And in order to reduce the medicine of seasickness, spare at any time.
    In in advance, let the dog get used to staying in a cage
    Apicking public transportation, no matter how distressed, dare to let the dog stay in the cage. Especially during long -distance travel, in order to make the dog stay, we must start training it consciously one week before departure. In addition, you can put some newspapers or cushions in the cage, remove the chain around the dog's neck, etc., so that it feels comfortable. Be careful not to feed dogs on the way.

  3. First, take a dog on the train to do animal quarantine certificates first
    Is when taking a dog to travel by train, the owner and the dog must have the same trains. At the same time, the pseudo -escortor will be settled on the luggage car and the luggage will be checked. The most important point for railway pets is: animal quarantine certificates issued by the animal and plant quarantine unit recognized by the railway department.
    . Dogs who have not immune to go to the railway veterinarian station to receive immunity
    If the dog can go directly to the quarantine center of the railway system --- Railway Veterinary Station for immunity and obtain proof; If the dog has been immune and proves that it is not recognized by the railway department, then you need to change the quarantine unit recognized by the railway department.
    It also requires a health certificate and a non -epidemic area. It should be noted that you must go to the car for 1-2 days before getting on the car. It is too early.

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