Tianlong Babu Emei 65 is suitable for what pets, what to match, how to make gems, and in detail

5 thoughts on “Tianlong Babu Emei 65 is suitable for what pets, what to match, how to make gems, and in detail”

  1. Bring a polar bear high blood sacrifice baby, the physical qualification is 2,000 loyalty, and the body is loyal to move the soul, the spiritual spirit, the spiritual blessing, and then rose to the high level. What is the fashion or equipment, the equipment wears some handicrafts, hit the ruby, and the ice resistance of the stone. Other stones do not need to fight. This is just a copy. PK hit a ruby, hit, mysterious attack, reduced mystery, double resistance depends on the opponent. Hat gloves belt belt shoe shoulders, armor fighting rubies, double resistance. Incarnation weapon ring hit the mysterious attack to reduce the mysterious resistance. The hidden weapon and the martial arts dragon pattern are both the armor and the attack tool to see the gemstone in their mood. Can dodge the limit on the limit. A lot of fashion wearing fairy aluminum. There is also the problem of weapons to shine weapons to see what the first stone is.

  2. Hello, 65 Emei is suitable for the second generation of polar bears.
    Igly, it is best to wear 60 sets, all of the remaining handmade equipment.
    This Suggestion is as follows:
    clothes, gloves, hats. Shoulder, shoes. Turn ruby ​​on the belt. Ruby. Purple jade. Yellow crystal stone;
    Weapons. Wiring. Ring. Ringes of yellow spines. Purple jade. Huang Mingshi.
    If you want to hit an ice attack, you only need to replace the yellow crystal stone with blue spar, and the yellow stone is replaced with blue stone.

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