English information about cats

Use hand -copy reporting, introduce cat information in English, such as names, preferences, living habits, appearance characteristics, etc.

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  1. Like meat food, good at night cats are carnivorous animals, canine teeth are very good, and the claws are also sharp. It is to like, good at the activity cat belons to the animal the night, the canine tooth is reacked very much, the Claw is verper share TOO likes to clean the sanitary cats. I often choose dark and secluded places with soil, gray and other debris, and immediately use the front foot to lie on the soil to bury the urine. This is a natural habit. Dark and Secluded Place and there are such as soil, St, ETC. Stool and urine, the soil likes prone the mother, likes to play with cats with a good sex, curiosity, sometimes watching it in a eyesight. Master, under the leadership of the owner, make many interesting action Like, BANTER, Play with Cat to be natural action with people, caiosity very strong, can stay theRESEENGONENG With the UTMOST SOMETIMES. Cats that like bright and dry places like to climb and jump very much. Various organ balance functions in its body are comprehensive than ordinary animals. Like The Bright and Dry Local Cat to Like Climbing and Jumping Very Much, The Balanced Functions of Various Organs are more comples. In winter, I always like to sleep on the heating side, beside the stove, or cotton pads, and the old cat is more prominent. Cats Though Long all over dense hair, is aFraid of Cold. It is alway to sleep by the heading, by the kitchen range in winter, or on the cotton cushion, the old ca cat. It is not allowed to have a little water on the body, as long as it scratch its chin, it will obey immediately. The cat is afraid of water too, there are be a little water, so long as a chin chich screen, the will submit to.

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