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  1. Pet shop activity universal basic gameplay
    1. Full reduction (full cash back)

    for example: over 199 yuan -20 yuan, so that consumers can buy more on the basis of enough gains to buy more One point of other products is superimposed.
    generally there is a way to directly reduce and coupons. The coupon is better than the full reduction.
    It, like online shopping, a sense of ritual. Customers enter the store first to consume or specify some categories of full reduction coupons. If you are cheaply held in your hand Psychologically walking to the shelves to stroll around, which promotes the "instantaneous" of customers to consume in the store.
    2. Discounts
    generally there are two discounts. The first is discount: the form of discounts in the store is also very particular, such as 50 yuan and 200 yuan commodity, directly descending XX yuan 20 % off, it looks different. There is a word in consumer psychology called "proportional prejudice". High unit -priced products emphasize the value of direct falling, and the proportion of low -unit products emphasizes the proportion of direct drops, which can make your discount more valuable.
    The second type is the combination discount: for example, 20 % off 2 pieces, and a 20 % discount method of 3 pieces allows consumers to make orders to increase sales. This discount form can increase the transaction amount. The consumed goods, such as snacks, small bags of cats, dog food, and cans to do this activity.
    3. Package binding activity
    The binding related different products together, bringing goods with each other, common bathing sets, snack adopters, hairy combination combination, pet nest blanket seat mat Wait, this way of display has more opportunities for stimulus for pet shop customers or novices to raise pets, which can increase customer unit price.
    The is also one, for example: buying A product and returning to B products can increase the sales and exposure of B products.
    4. Come on with promotion
    D large brand products in pet stores generally have market -controlled prices and cannot be reduced at will. At this time, pet stores can use buying gifts to attract consumers.
    On gifts to be determined? Seeing the attractiveness of gifts, you cannot get a product at will. Consider the problem of profit, whether it is scarce, whether it is practical, etc.
    The difference between each customer's preference. We can match different related functional products and the results of data reports to understand which gifts of your customer group are attracted. Generally, after several activities, the store can roughly know the effect of the product with each gift for sales.
    5. Switching promotion
    For example: a single purchase of 399 yuan, you can buy 50 yuan for the next time for the next time, or 10 yuan for the replacement of 50 yuan worth of products (how many can it be provided like Watsons Planting products for customers)
    compared to the 50 yuan voucher or commodity directly to give away the money, the behavior of spending money can make consumers feel that they have to spend money in exchange for cheapness. The way to change the purchase can maintain the value of the product and make consumers feel more cheap.
    6. Shopping card, secondary card
    The easiest way to charge 1,000 yuan for 100 yuan, 3,000 yuan for 300 yuan, etc., directly allow customers to recharge and transform long -term members. The advantage of the second payment is that spending money does not feel the real, I wo n’t be careful how much money I bought this time, and deduct it directly!

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