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  1. The most expensive cats in the world are Ashla, Cat, Savana cat, and elven cats.
    1, Ashla Cat
    each is about 140,000 yuan. It is a mixed -race cat, the mixed race of ordinary cats, African cats, and Asian leopard cats. This cat is a new variety cultivated in 2007 and the effort of several scientists. Its height can reach up to 1.2 meters, weigh up to about 14,000 grams, and life span can be over 25 years old.
    2, Cat Cat
    Tra cats have only appeared in the cultivation variety in recent years. There are currently only dozens of categories in the world. The cat's fur has tiger patterns and leopard dots, which can weigh 30 pounds (about 14 kg), which is "the largest and rare home cat in the world." About 100,000 yuan each.
    3, Savana cat
    formed by African cats and cats. Savana is a mixed cat variety.腿 The cat's face is long and the figure is excellent. Birds that can jump to the air to intercept the flight. Price: 50000-12000 yuan.
    4, the elves
    The elves can be said to be the most legendary cat. Because of its unique appearance, it has attracted the attention of many pet enthusiasts, and the price is between 6000-18000 yuan.

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