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  1. Handmade kitten
    Materials: corrugated paper; two popsicles; small knives; pigment

    specific steps:
    1, cut the corrugated paper from the carton, cut it into the accessories below Essence A kitten's head, four feet, and a body.
    2, then prepare two popsicle sticks, cut from the middle.
    3. Paste the corrugated paper that lacked a corner of the previous corner to the popsicle stick, and the kitten's feet are ready.
    4, the body of the kitten is simpler, fold the cardboard, and finally stick the feet and body, and the cat stands up.
    5, then don't forget the kitten's tail, it is also made of corrugated paper.
    6. Take out the brush and paint to color this cute kitten. You can choose your favorite color.
    7. After coloring, the cute kitten is completed.

  2. Tool preparation: wool, hard paper, scissors, pencils, hot melting glue, no woven.
    1. Draw a U -shaped on the hard paper.

    2. Cut out four same cards with scissors.
    3. Draw two horizontal lines with a pencil on the card as a tangled marking.
    4. Reintermine with two U -type cards together.
    5, wrap the prepared wool on the card.
    6. Two the other two cards.
    6. Use scissors to cut from the gap between the middle of the two cards.
    7. Tie the middle part of the two hair balls in the middle of the wool.
    8. Remove the paper from the middle of the hair ball.
    9. Pruning the shape of the hair ball with scissors.
    10, use hot melt glue to stick to the hair ball. The cute handmade animals made great achievements.

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