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  1. Answer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am very happy to answer you, raising cats to gather wealth, raising cats to gather wealth or break the wealth, cats can gathers evil and gather wealth, play a role in recruiting wealth. Cats are common home pets. Not only is breeding simple, but it can also bring Feng Shui to the family. There are some effects. According to the folk, raising cats can promote Feng Shui, especially when there are signs of defeat at home, cats can play a role in gathered evil spirits. In addition, in tradition, black cats have the functions of exorcising evil spirits and guarding their homes.nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~n1 morenBleak

  2. Cats are a common home pet. Not only is breeding simple, but also the feng shui of the home. There is a certain impact. According to the folk, raising cats can promote feng shui, especially when there is a sign of defeat in the family, cats can play a role in eliminating evil spirits.
    In addition, in the tradition, black cats have the role of dispel evil spirits and defend the house. But on the other hand, the cat is water in the five elements. If it is too far near the Feng Shui financial position at home, it will affect the fortune in the house.
    The so -called cat -raising disaster is also the case. If you want to avoid the disadvantages brought by cats at home, do more partitions and closures in the direction of the financial position in the home. Try not to let the cat get involved here, you can resolve it well.
    1. Impact
    . As the saying goes, "cats come to poor, dogs are rich". It is said that there are many mice in the poor people's house, so there will be cats. There is a meat fragrance in the rich people, and the dogs will come. There is also a saying that people of the people of the people often say that dogs are not poor. It is because dogs are a good animal that can be eaten. And this cat is not as good as it. The cat is very picky about food and can leave at any time.
    2. There is a superstition to bring in the northern doom of Major: The dog is rich, and the cat comes with hemp. It is not a good sign if a cat is coming suddenly, and it is unknown. Feng Shui also said that black cats have doom, and black dogs can ward off evil.
    3, affecting Feng Shui because the cat's cry "Meow", the homophonic is "extinguishing", "no", "mold".
    4, cats are very evil. Many legends are psychic, because the cat's eyes are very mysterious, and various eyes are color and a bit weird. Especially at night, the two bright cold lights in the darkness made people feel tight and called yin and yang eyes. Especially when cats are fried for no reason, people will think there is a zero one.

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