3 thoughts on “How to raise pets on the mobile phone screen?”

  1. If the mobile phone needs to download and install the software application, it is recommended to try:
    1. Use the browser to access the Internet with the mobile phone menu, and directly search the required software for download and install (download the Android version of this format in this format).
    2. Use the computer to download the installation package in the APK format, connect to the data cable to the phone, operate the mobile phone to find the installation package in the application-my file, and click the installation button after running.
    3. After downloading, click the download of the download, and click the installation prompts in the software mobile phone interface to install.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer mobile desktop pets: 1. First download a BIU video desktop app on your mobile phone, and then open it to enter the homepage and then develop the page. 2. Then you can find a desktop pet on the found page. 3. After clicking more, enter the pet page, and then select a favorite pet to open the settings. 4. Enter the pet settings page and click on the desktop pet below the page. 5. Then there is a setting of transparency above the page. If you want pets to increase the percentage a little on the phone desktop. 6. After setting up the phone desktop, you can see your pet, it will jump around on your desktop.

  3. First download a pea pod and search for the pets you want in it. (For example: spider villain) to download one. How many can be set in it. You need to be cautious. It is best not to download and provide reference.
    Fog capital -Master Ren Sen

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