5 thoughts on “Can pet cats eat cooked fish?”

  1. Of course, pet cats can eat cooked fish. They are born to eat. Pay attention to nutritional balance. Generally, cat food is cleaner.

  2. You can eat it, but do not add other seasonings when cooking for cats. It is best to use a steaming method. The fish is delicate and delicious. In addition to rich protein, it also contains taurine needed by cats. This is an important substance for cats' vision. The cooked fish can destroy the thiamine enzyme contained in the meat, and it will no longer cause the cat's vitamin B to be decomposed.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer pet cats can eat fish in an appropriate amount, and the nutritional ingredients contained in the fish are also helpful to the cat. But it is best not to eat raw fish, because raw fish may contain a large number of parasites, which further infects cats. You can eat some stabbing fish, boiled fish. Guidance suggests that cat food is usually mainly based on cat food, supplemented by snacks.nThe only thing to feed cats with freshwater fish is to pay attention to cooking the fish, so that the cats can not be eaten into raw fish, especially the fish heads, fish gills and internal organs discarded during the cooking process, let alone throw it to you at hand Cat. Because in freshwater fish, especially the fish raised in natural waters and old ponds may have a terrible parasite -Huazizi suction worm.nWhen feeding cats, both freshwater fish and seafish should pay attention to its freshness. Because the fish is rich in protein, once the quality is deteriorated, a large amount of histamine is produced. Even if the owner has cooked the fish as much as possible, the composition of the histamine will not be destroyed. Cats may cause a series of allergic reactions when they eat such fish, such as diarrhea, vomiting, itching of ear and ears and trunk, rash around the ear shells and eyes, and sometimes causing hair to fall off. The course of these diseases is long and short, and it may last for a month, so the owner should try to pay attention to avoid unnecessary trouble.n1 morenBleak

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe cats who have been answered less than 3 months are in the rapid growth stage, but it is really too early to eat fish. It is recommended to eat simple cat food. You can eat less meals, 4-6 meals a day. After 3 months, the cat's diet can be regularized, breakfast, one meal, one dinner. Cats are carnivores. The market contains various additives and canned sources of ingredients. It is recommended to eat less.nIt is not recommended to eat fish, even if you want to eat less.

  5. Pet cats are best to feed cat food and canned cats. You can also feed some fresh meat for pet cats, such as fresh beef, fish, shrimp, etc., but you must pay attention to the hygiene of food. Cooking fish must be careful not to put too much salt. Pet cats eat too salty foods to have great harm to the health of the body.

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