3 thoughts on “Will there be no mice at home?”

  1. Generally this is like this ~ But! Most of the cats today are too gorgeous! Do not move to sterilize! The mice in the city are getting more and more refined! And cats are getting more and more lazy! So the family in the city! There may not be a cat to calm the mouse! So what mice should steal food are still stealing! Cat? Go to him! A cat without eggs! What can you do! So cats in the family are not necessarily without mice!

  2. See what kind of cat you are raised. If it is a cat, cats like pet cats may be used to it, such as puppet cats, but they are not discriminated against puppets. After all, there are tens of thousands and glass stomachs. You must take good care of it, and the face value is super high. I think this kind of cat like this is unlikely to catch mice (because it doesn't look at it)
    It if you are raising a wild cat, it is most of the cats like cats in the countryside. They all retain wildness, primitive instincts, grabbing mice, not only mice, but also pigeons, toads, everything is possible.

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