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  1. There are many reasons why cats are not long.
    may be malnutrition and nutrition does not absorb.
    also may also be parasitic in the body, which consumes nutrition.
    Pueling nutrition, supplementing pet probiotics, and deworming internal and external internal and external.
    It also expose the sun, it is best to add some trace elements.

  2. Nutritional calcium deficiency will cause cats to be thinner and weak in bones. It is easy to fracture. Timely supplement nutritional calcium supplementation, feed some Chinese medicine products such as bone -osteopaste beef ingots, and absorb this fast. Baidu search.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello. The reason why cats are not old: First, genetic problems, cat parents are relatively small, so the cats they produce are relatively small; second, calcium deficiency, cats lack calcium and lack of calcium and in their childhood Nutritional supplements lead to a small body and thinner in the process of growth. You can try calcium tablets and nutrition in the later period.nWhat kind of calcium should be supplemented?nAnswer third: It may be a kitten.nThe cause of the kitten is the lack of growth hormone in the body, and there is no effective treatment for this rare disease. The kittens with kittens are shorter than normal cats, and they should pay special attention to their diet. In addition, cats with kitten disease generally have other diseases, so pay attention to its health problems at all times.nCats can feed the following things when calcium deficiency: First, you can directly feed cats for cats for cats. This type of calcium tablet is easier to absorb and can effectively supplement calcium. Second, you can feed cats with some foods with a lot of calcium, such as goat milk powder, shrimp and other foods. At the same time, you can add some vitamin D. Dans of the sun and help calcium absorption.nAsk how to judge whether the cat is a dwarfnThe answer is generally difficult to judge through the appearance, and you can only go to the hospital to pass a film inspection.nOf course, if you know the cat's variety and what kind of cats are his parents, this can also be judged.nQuestion how to make cats cheeknAnswer Cat's cheek can work hard from the following aspects. First: eat high -protein foods, such as chicken breasts and beef, which can make the cheeks grow quickly. Second: Generally speaking, cats will get their cheeks by adulthood. As long as the nutrition is sufficient, for example, the male cat is usually around 2 years old, and the cheeks will develop better. Third: Pinching its cheeks often can help the cheeks.nAsk the female cat sterile?nThe answer has nothing to do with the endless education. So this is not necessarily something. It will have a greater relationship with the nutritional levels obtained by food.nIs there anything to help? I want to sleep a little, if I fall asleep, I can't see your problem. BleaknQuestion, thank you doctorn12 morenBleak

  4. Take the medicine that was taken for two months in a row. Add 1 point of frozen dried cat food to chicken frozen and dried.

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