5 thoughts on “Is there any wandering pet rescue station in Shenyang”

  1. At 63 Chongshan Middle Road, Huanggu District, there is a Shenyang Animal Assistance Center, and a pet rescue station at 325 Zhuertun.

    Pet rescue station: Pet rescue station refers to the place where small animals that rescue wandering and injured. At present, there are no pet rescue stations established at the national level. The existing pet rescue stations are spontaneously established by the people, and their maintenance funds are mainly subsidized by members of the social raising and rescue stations.

    The pet adoption requirements of Shenyang Pet Rescue Station:

    (1) Before adoption, adoption families must carefully consider whether they have the ability and conditions to adopt pets and take responsible for their lives.
    (2) Adoplars need to make an appointment with the person in charge in advance to go to the base to go through the adoption procedures. Adoplars must provide family address, temporary residence, contact information, ID number, in order to return to visit and let the rescue station know the living conditions of pets.
    (3) Pets must sterilize.
    (4) When it is really incapable of raising, please send the pet back to the station. Never allow the pet who has not been agreed with the rescue station to transfer the adopted pets to others. Of course, you can recommend a potential good adoption family around the rescue station.

  2. Chongshan Middle Road in Huanggu District is false, the phone number is empty, false love, only the rescue station in the Hong District is true

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