2 thoughts on “Chen Weiting showed the same bathing with Aidi. How can he be handsome and funny?”

  1. Chen Weiting posted a photo of himself and his pet on the social platform, handsome and funny. Chen Weiting likes to show photos and videos of playing with his pet on social platforms. Chen Weiting in life is also a person who likes small animals very much. A total of three photos were exposed. The first photo was Chen Weiting's. Touching small pink clothes, the second one was Chen Weiting's puppy wearing a blue bath towel. Photo. The funny one is Chen Weiting imitating pet bathing. The handsome one is that Chen Weiting not only is wet in the photo, but also can see that Chen Weiting's figure is very good. With Chen Weiting's handsome face, it really makes people feel like to spray blood. We all know that Chen Weiting in life is a person who likes fitness, and he can often see his photos of his fitness on social platforms, so Chen Weiting's figure is very good. Chen Weiting also likes to share her life. I also hope that Chen Weiting can often share the photos in his life. Chen Weiting is a very caring person and likes small animals very much. I also like to share the photos of small animals with everyone. When many photos came out, many fans commented below that Chen Weiting hit his shirt with his dog. In this kind of interaction, Chen Weiting can often interact with fans. Although Chen Weiting looks cool and makes people feel difficult to get close, Chen Weiting in life is a very funny person. It is also a very cute person. It is also particularly handsome. I hope that in the future, Chen Weiting can share some cute photos like this time at work. It can share Chen Weiting's handsomeness, but also allows us to see cute kittens and puppies. We will always look forward to it. I also hope that Chen Weiting will be able to share some fitness videos, and we can also learn from Chen Weiting and learn to love sports.

  2. The talent of others, first of all, is there, it is really handsome, born with a natural advantage, and funny is his character.

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