1 thought on “Do you need to get an injection by the cat's cat caught bleeding?”

  1. Catal bleeding from being raised by the family requires an injection. After being scratched by animals such as cats and dogs, rabies virus infections are likely to occur, so in order to prevent rabies, they need to go to the hospital for injection of rabies vaccine in time.
    Stilisy bleeding after being caught by the family cat. First of all, the bleeding wound must be treated to avoid aggravating the wound. You can use the flowing water to completely clean the wound, and then use iodine or alcohol to disinfect the wound. In the future, you should follow the principle of the exposure of the wound, try not to bandate the suture by yourself to avoid infection or scar formation.
    This After the wound is treated, the rabies vaccine should be treated in time. The dose and vaccination process of rabies vaccine need to be analyzed according to the actual situation.
    Puled during injection of rabies vaccine, diet is light, do not drink and drink strong tea such as strong tea, avoid wound infection or cause allergies of the body.

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