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    Cats may need to supplement some nutrition due to disease, pregnancy, and dysplasia, and then not all cats need to supplement nutrition. Excessive calcium supplementing calcium for cats and increasing nutrition may allow cats to nutrition. Excess is not good for the body. So, how should cats supplement nutrition?
    . Cats need to supplement nutrition
    The nutritional supplementary foods exhibited in pet products stores, including vitamin C and calcium, and marked many functions. However, the owner who cares about cats does not know if these products are really what they say? Is it necessary for cats? If necessary, those supplementary foods should be adopted. After all, if your cat diet is balanced, why you still need nutritional added What about things?
    Actually, all cats or feeds on the market today are guaranteed to provide balanced nutrition and suitable for all ages. In this way, if a cat in winter or outdoors, the supplement is mainly meat. Not all cat diets are balanced. Many cat owners use the remaining dining tables as food sources, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of nutritional balance. Due to these changes and differences, proper nutrition is very helpful. But how do you know that your pet needs to supplement nutrition?
    Veteria is the best source of consultation! For example: if your cat does not eat at all, using nutritional supplements can not provide all nutrients. Therefore, doctors recommend using intravenous injections to give sufficient and appropriate nutrition. Some products are introduced when animals need to increase energy -consuming supplements, such as hounds, working dogs or good dogs, as well as when they are picky or small. However, the recommended dosage is not large, so there may not be many provision in the total. If your cat needs more energy than usual, adding animal fat chicken oil or butter to the meal is a good choice. A tablespoon of poultry fat will add about 10%of the calories of dried cat food, so for cats, providing animal fat is a good source of calories.
    . Fatty acids and amino acid fatty acid supplements
    The nutritional supplementary foods include essential and non -essential fatty acids. Dandruff, coarse hair, hard luster, itchy skin, or supplementary food when inflammation. But because its benefits have not been fully identified, it is best to be introduced by veterinarians. Another important concept is that these products are not the main sources of extra energy. Of course, fatty acids can exist in the form of calories. However, the source of the body's energy does not rely on supplementing fat to replace everything else. Often, these products also contain other nutrients, such as fat -soluble vitamins and some minerals such as calcium or iodine, which is also a nutrient related to skin health. These additional supplements contain very few dose components and will not cause damage. However, if your pet is balanced, of course, you do not have to use supplements.
    Midic acid amino acid and protein are the most special types of supplements. For cats, it generally refers to the supplementary supplement containing amphanulfine. Cats can get 1520mg per pound from dried cat food per day, and most of the other sources come from canned food. Therefore, 40mg of amine -radio acid is provided per pound every day, which is suitable for various cats. Finally, there are many products, including nutritional additives such as liquid, powder, and granularity, which contains basic nutritional needs and the above supplements, which are used to supplement when cat grows or stress. As long as the animal diet is normal, commercial food will provide all nutrients. However, if your cat does not eat appropriate amounts of food, you may obtain a balanced nutrition with supplements.
    . additional mineral supplements
    The other types of cats are sometimes mentioned, mainly including calcium, phosphorus and potassium. When the cat is fed for leftovers leftovers, because it cannot provide sufficient calcium and executed calcium phosphorus ratio, it is necessary to supplement calcium. Many people are convinced that cats and dogs need calcium supplement because their bones grow rapidly. That's right, according to research, if the kittens lack of calcium in growth will lead to abnormal skeletal muscle development and may not improve. Therefore, the growing animals can be introduced by the veterinarian to use appropriate calcium additives.
    In addition, the female cats with breastfeeding must also add enough calcium to avoid excess calcium from being lost from the milk and postpartum hypotonal calcium. Another thing to note is that the female cats during pregnancy should not over -add calcium, and they don't even need to add additional supplements. This is because excessive adding calcium will inhibit the endocrine system of the female cat, and it cannot produce an exogenous supplement. Once the lactation is lost after delivery, a large amount of calcium is lost from milk, and the result of unable coordination cannot be coordinated. It is the generation of postpartum hypotonic calcium. Cats rarely require phosphorus supplements because most foods have contained an appropriate amount of phosphate minerals in goods and home foods.
    . Vitamin supplements require an appropriate amount
    The most famous and most commonly required supplements are the additives of the vitamin. But every thing has its own appropriate amount, such as excessive red blood cells is caused by excessive body in these products. The amount of vitamin supplement and the appropriate proportion of food are difficult to determine, so I still ask your veterinarian to introduce products that are suitable for your situation. But it is emphasized again that if your cat's nutritional equilibrium is balanced, there is no additional supplement. If you choose to give your cat for supplement, pay special attention to vitamin A and D, and excessive is toxic. These two vitamins only need a small amount a day, so it is important to sign the concentration of these two vitamins. No matter which kind of supplement you choose, but be careful not to provide vitamin D5IL and vitamin A50IL per pound per day. Vitamin E only needs about 1il per pound per day.
    This supplementing nutrition is actually the same as eating. Excessiveness is always unfavorable to health. It is recommended that parents supplement nutrition according to the cat's physical condition in the family. Of course, the cat cannot be lacked. the best.

  2. The main food of the cat is cat food, and the energy required for daily can be taken from cat food. However, for cats with poor physique and resistance, in addition to cat food, cats also need some nutritional supplements:
    1. Eat some nutrition cream for cats. The nutrients contained in cat nutrition cream can be quickly absorbed by cats. It is the most effective nutritional product when cats are sick, pregnant, and production. Put a little nutrition cream to the kitten's nose, it will lick into the stomach itself.
    2, you can eat some goat milk powder. Many cats like to drink goat milk powder, supplement nutrition and hydrate.
    3, canned cats: cats love to eat canned cats. Watching the cat is happy, parents will be happy.

  3. After the female cat has a kitten, her body is also very weak, so first of all, how to take care of the female cat ~
    1. Within a period of time after delivery (about 10 days), the cat mother's birth canal may be discharged from dark red blood -like samples. liquid.
    2. No matter how feed, the weight of the breastfeeding female cat will decrease.
    3. The lack of calcium after giving birth to the female cat must be carried out in time. First, you can mix 10-10-150ml of calcium glucoc atmurite 10-20ml with 5%glucose, and intravenous injection. Second, in conjunction with muscle injection of Vidin glue or oral calcium tablets and cod liver oil to strengthen the efficacy of calcium supplementation and prevent recurrence. Third, you can add nutrients such as calcium powder, shrimp shell powder, vitamin E, vitamin D to supplement the cat's body's calcium to ensure the healthy growth of the mother cat and cat baby.
    It pictures
    It the next point. The daily care of the kitten is very important, especially the days when the birth of the female cat will not bring the kitten. At this time, there is no manual intervention. The kitten It is likely to die.
    1. The female cat does not have milk kittens, or the kitten cannot eat milk, so it needs to be fed artificially.
    0-7 days: 3-6ml, once every 2 hours;
    7-14: 6-8ml, once every 2 hours during the day, once every 4 hours in the evening;
    14-21 God: 8-10ml, once every 2 hours during the day, 1 pm to 8 o'clock in the evening, but the feeding interval cannot exceed 6 hours;
    21 days: every 6 hours every 6 hours.
    2. Be sure to control the temperature of the milk, and the temperature should be consistent with the temperature of the kitten. If you want to know if the temperature of the milk is appropriate, you can drop a drop on the inside of your wrist. If you don't feel or feel slightly warm, the temperature is appropriate.
    3. At the same time, it is necessary to stimulate the cat's urination until at least three weeks. After feeding, imitate the kitten body by hand or dry towels, or gently pat the side of the kitten until it snores.

  4. Supplement of meat
    In buy fresh meat, wash it out of the meat with water, cut into small pieces of 2 cm to see, and add some Horo or other vegetables. If you pay attention to chicken liver predict. Boil it with water or cook it with a high pressure cooker. Do not put a lot of seasonings, put a little salt, do not make too much at a time, it is best to finish it within 3-5 days. Before eating, use a microwave oven to heat, put it to the temperature of the room, mix it into cat food or feed it separately
    Buyou nutritional liquid effect supplement nutrition
    Edible only nutrient solution supplements efficient nutrition. It is necessary to take the cat's best nutrient solution for cats, which can maximize the needs of cat growth in taste and nutrition.
    The vitamin A
    The general cat food will be equipped with sufficient vitamin A. If the cats are mainly fresh food, some owners will feed liver, eggs, milk, or vitamin A nutritional products, but because each cat's physical condition is different, they can choose the method that is most suitable for their own cats.

  5. Cat's nutrition is mainly from food. You can choose a good cat food to ensure the comprehensive nutrition. At the same time, you can also feed the functional nutrition cream containing ginseng astragalus, which can improve the cat's immunity and resistance, and make cats healthy and less sick.

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