5 thoughts on “About Beijing Haidian area cat sterilization”

  1. 1. Go to "I Love Me Love" Hospital

    The sterilization of both cats in our family

    2. Mother does not wait, the price may change now, the service is good, and the equipment is pretty first.

    3. It is recommended that you sell a cat bag. If not, you can use a disposable carton (it is recommended to be thick), and pay attention to ventilation. Pay attention to the safety of cats. If you want to sell cat bags, don't sell up.

    4. You must keep the cat warm after finishing sterilization (if it is cold), and give it a drop of eye drops every 20 minutes before the cat wakes up to prevent dry eyes from drying the eyes. Cats may not be awakened in a short time. Please wait patiently. If it wakes up, be careful not to let it run into it, remove the line from the time given by the doctor, do not do it yourself
    n Cats are healthy ~

    In take care of it!

  2. 1. The closest to you are these:
    Petkang Animal Clinic. No. 18, Zhufang Xima, Zhufang, Haidian District .62970875
    No. 62554089
    Baby House Animal Studio. No. 5 of College Road .62954190
    2. For specific costs, you have to call and ask, the pricing of each family is different. The female cat is more expensive than the male cat. n3. Prepare a kitten house, or use a large bag, just hold it. If you are a person, it is best to take one at a time, and wait for the other. It is also easy to take care of.
    4. Do not move its wound after the operation. The male cat is so long. If it is a female cat, you must be optimistic about it. Do not let it move.

    Is to help you.

  3. Bowang Hospital is very good. You check it out, buying a small cat's suitcase, about 80, my cat has never been out of the door to buy it to the hospital. Find a good hospital, but also find a good doctor. The good doctors who have a good surgery of cats and cats are always done. You can rest assured that you are afraid to catch up with the hospital that mainly uses beauty and pets to make money. Dangerous. After the operation, the operation is bandaged. Just take a few days according to the doctor's request. Except for not dipping water, no special care. I forgot how much the cost is, but it depends on which anesthetic you use. It depends on your cat's physical condition. Some cats will be allergic and consult a doctor.

  4. I told you how to do it, in fact, I can do it myself. Male cat, which wooden stick, flattened his 2 testicles like rushing noodles. We are all like this. It is not very painful. The pet hospital is cruel! Female cat, now the pet hospital has the sterilization of that medicine. Essence Essence

  5. Pet Kang Animal Clinic. No. 18, Zhufang, Zhufang, Qinghe District, Haidian District .62970875, this one is very good, I have been to

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