How to choose corrugated boxes

The purchase of cartons generally needs to be customized according to the size of the product, and the customized version is also better for subsequent printing and platemaking services.

Take the slotted box as an example, the carton is a rectangular body, and the internal and external dimensions of the carton are required. The long side of the bottom is the length of the box, the short side of the bottom is the width of the box, and the height of the box is the height. The long side box surface is the side of the box, the short side box surface is the end of the box, the end flap is the inner flap, the side flap is the outer flap, etc. All these need to be measured and calculated the size required for grooving. There's a corrugated mailing box here.

Slotted carton, also known as 02 corrugated carton, is characterized by the upper and lower shake lid and box face connected, most of them are a piece of corrugated board cutting, grooving, this carton is also known as flat corrugated carton in popular terms.

This kind of carton top and bottom flat, the smallest blank area, the most economical material, very suitable for three layers of corrugated carton, five layers of corrugated carton, seven layers of corrugated carton box type choice, easy to fold low cost, convenient storage and transportation.

One shortcoming is that the strength of the bottom of the box is low, which needs to be enhanced by other aspects such as lining and fittings. [Picture] Slotted box is also a more common box type in carton transportation and packaging. There are also cases, such as heaven and earth cover carton. In this carton, the upper and lower cartons are set, in order to set down, the inner size of the upper cover needs to be slightly larger than the outer size of the bottom.

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