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  1. 1. Choose the right cat food
    Nowadays, there are many cat food on the market. It is not depends on domestic or imported. It depends on the quality of cat food. Pet owners should also pay attention not to buy cat food. They should go to regular businesses or stores to buy. Not enough, it will still lack nutrition after eating. Pet owners can choose ecological cat food, which contains more vitamins and cellulose.
    2. Feeding nutrition cream
    In addition to eating cat food for cats, pet owners can also mix nutrition cream in cat food or cat food, or can directly feed the cats. Of course You need to feed each day, just feed regularly. For example, feeding three to four times a week, the pet owner can increase or decrease according to the actual situation of his own cat, which is also very convenient, especially some cat owners who are busy at work at work. Essence

    3, self -made nutritional food
    Per owners can also feed some homemade nutrients. Here is a wake -up for pet owners. Before self -made food, you need to know about cats. Which foods cannot be eaten. Cat owners can make some fruits and fruits and meat foods. They feed two cooked egg yolk, minced meat porridge, carrot, apple pear, etc. every week, and can also feed a small amount of animal internal organs.
    In addition to the nutritional matching of diet, of course, it is not necessary to lack exercise. Proper exercise can make the food in the cat's belly digest well, and nutrition can be better absorbed.

  2. In addition to the cat's own variety and genes, the normative breeding norms of the owner are essential. Usually, after the kitten is born, if it is artificially fed pet goat milk powder, it needs to be given on time. It cannot save the number of feeding and feeding of milk cats for saving trouble. After the lactation of the kittens, until June, it is usually recommended to feed the more balanced nourishment kittens milk cake food.
    Is before June to December, it is necessary to feed some cat food with reliable and quality assurance of nutritional balanced brands. From birth to one year of development, their nutrition must be balanced. Cats have healthy bodies in their childhood, and they are usually not too thin in adulthood. If the cat is thin after adulthood, you need to feed fat, you can give some bones and flesh appropriately. There are also some cats after sterilization, due to the disorders of endocrine in the body.

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