2 thoughts on “Is it illegal to sell pets without a license?”

  1. This behavior has constituted illegal operations. The crime of illegal business refers to the items that have not operated specialized business, monopoly or other restrictions on sale, buying and selling import and export permits, proofs of import and export origin, and other laws and administrative regulations. Business activities, disrupting market order, and serious circumstances.
    Legal analysis
    If traffic is far lower than the minimum traffic that guarantees accuracy, it will cause no output (such as the vortex flow meter) or the output signal to be removed as a small signal (such as differential pressure flow flows. ), This is not good for the suppliers, and there is no fairness. In order to prevent the loss of benefits, for a specific set of thermal energy measurement equipment, the supply and demand parties often agree that a certain amount of value is "agreed on the lower limit flow" based on the range of traffic measurement and the range that can be achieved, and it is agreed that if the actual traffic is less than the agreed value, , Charge at the lower limit charging traffic. The measurement administrative departments of the people's governments at or above the county level may set up a measurement and verification agency as needed, or authorize the measurement and verification agencies of other units to perform compulsory verification and other verification and test tasks. Those who perform the testing and test tasks stipulated in the preceding paragraph must pass the assessment. This function is usually implemented in the flow display instrument. According to the needs of the region, the measures of the local people's governments at or above the county level established a public measurement standard appliance for social public measurement, and they were used after the assessment of the administrative department of the higher -level people's governments. According to the needs, enterprises and institutions can establish the measurement standard appliances used by the unit. The highest measurement standard equipment is used by the relevant people's governments to pass the assessment and use it. The measurement and verification work should be carried out near the place in accordance with the principles of economic reasonable. The measurement test must be performed in accordance with the national measurement and verification system table. The national measurement and testing system table is formulated by the State Council's measurement administrative department.
    The legal basis
    "The Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 225 violates national regulations and has one of the following illegal business behaviors to disturb the market order. Retrusion, more than five times more than five times more illegal or more illegal; if the circumstances are particularly serious, they will be imprisoned for more than five years, and the fines of more than five times the illegal shall be obtained or more than five times Those who operate laws and administrative regulations, specialized items or other items restricted by buying and selling; 3) Those who have not approved illegal business of securities, futures, insurance businesses, or illegally engaged in fund payment settlement business without the approval of relevant state competent departments; (4) other illegal business behaviors that seriously disrupt market order.

  2. It is necessary to operate a license, no certificates, and the trafficking is not allowed. Therefore, it is illegal to sell pets without licenses.

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