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  1. So how to make cats drink more water?
    In first, how can we determine whether the amount of cats drink water is sufficient.
    If you think that the aquarium you prepared is not a lot of drinking, you can judge that the cat drinks less water. It is rough. The cats intake per day, including free drinking water, water in food, and metabolic water. After cats need water, it is necessary to deduct the water that it takes from food, which is the water that really needs to drink. So sometimes it is not as we see.
    1. Generally speaking, dried cat food contains only 10%of water, and about 80%of water such as canned wet grains such as canned cats. For example, cats ate 300 grams of dried cat food and 100 grams of cats a day, then it has taken 300*10% 100*80% = 110ml of water from the food.
    2. The cats we usually observe are not drinking water and drinking much, mainly depending on the part of the free drinking water.

    The understand of the needs of cat water and coming to the hospital. For the cat's drinking enough water every day, you can rely on some simple observations to judge:
    Lladed to pull the skin on the cat's neck. Will bounce back immediately
    This should be bright without dandruff
    The urination 2-3 times a day. You can judge from cat sands

    , so how to make cats drink more water? Sometimes cats do n’t drink water. What should I do?
    It some tricks can make them more willing to drink water:
    It add a little water to the can. However, do not do this dry cat food, which will make cat food deteriorate and cats do not like to eat;
    In glass or stainless steel bowls. Some plastic bowls contain the taste of cats do not like;
    This sprinkle with cats that cats like in the water bowl, you can drink crazy!
    In as little about tap water for cats, because many cats do not like the taste of chlorine gas inside;
    This can also use the cat's automatic water dispenser with a cat.

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