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  1. The first is hair balls. Cats love clean and have the habit of licking hair. If you do not feed over -fired cream or cat grass, hair will form a group in the body to cause vomiting. Secondly, indigestion may cause vomiting, and cats eat too fast.
    This cats frequently vomit, and it may be that the feeding food has deteriorated. Some careless shovel officers did not check the food information carefully when feeding the cat, and the cats were vomiting after eating metamorphic food. If this is the case, it is recommended to change the cat food as soon as possible to prepare fresh and healthy food for cats.
    It cat is a very sensitive pet. For example, if the food change is too frequent, it will cause cat vomiting. It is recommended that cats can feed some probiotics to regulate the stomach and stomach. Slowly change food at a time, and the cats are eating some foreign bodies, such as mouse medicine or chocolate food poisoning, and they will vomit, and they will also vomit the severe frozen, convulsions, and it is recommended to vomit treatment in time. Water or hydrogen peroxide, try to get a try, just send it to the hospital for treatment.
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  2. Diseases, spitting balls, parasites.
    , such as gastroenteritis, cat plague, and even pancreatitis, there are symptoms of vomiting. Because cats have the habit of combing hair with tongue, there will be hair in the stomach, which will cause cat vomiting. Parasites in the body can also cause cat vomiting.
    This is more severe. It may be vomiting caused by renal failure. This requires a cat to take a cat hospital for diagnosis before taking treatment measures. Later care can be used to use pets to help cats restore good health.

  3. Cat vomiting may be improper diet, indigestion, gastrointestinal diseases, hair balls, and parasites in the body.
    The causes caused by intestinal obstruction and other reasons. You need to take a cat to the pet hospital for examination to confirm the specific cause and then targeted treatment to avoid delaying the condition.
    The cat's ears are more sensitive to the sound of high frequencies. When the cat heard the sound of the treble, it will produce excitement. The sound of such a combination of teeth, tearing tape, and tape tapes belongs to 2000Hz By the high frequency range of 5000Hz, when the cat receives this sound, it will stimulate the neurons to become excited. The vomiting center is located in the marrow. When it is transmitted into the nerve impulse or other reasons Nausea reaction.

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