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  1. The performance of the cat is jealous:
    1. Watching you dissatisfied
    The cat's eyes can reflect everything of the cat. In normal times, the cat must look at the owner very gentle. When the cat's eyes are no longer gentle, they have a little dissatisfaction. The cat is jealous, so it can be like this.
    If the cat thinks you do too much, it will stare at you fiercely.

    2. Special grievances
    The cats are jealous like girls. They hide in a small corner and silently grieved. The owner will comfort it, it will be more wronged.

    3. Do not like to eat
    The cats will definitely pounce on the cat when they see the owner vinegar, it will not be the case, but it will change, but it will change Don't like to eat. Even if the owner gave it the most favorite thing, it didn't eat much. Of course exclude illness.

    4. Leaving home
    When the cat discovered, the owner would be angry and jealous when the owner brought other cats home. Leaving home.
    , and most cats do not remember home. When they leave home, they may not come back in this life.

    5. The Qi Qi becomes irritable
    . Cats are jealous. If the cat with particularly irritable temper is jealous, its temper will become more irritable.
    This: Don't think that cats will not be angry and jealous, especially those who are easy to remember. Whenever they are jealous, they will remember to play with you at that time. In fact, this is their performance that they love you.

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