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  1. Cat sand has a powerful water absorption, deodorization, and the role of reunion. It is used to allow cats to pee on the stool on it, and to avoid cats and stools everywhere. Cat sands are bought in large supermarkets in the country, pet markets, and pet supplies.
    The types have crystals, generally cat litter and cat pads. The price is very different. The most affordable is ordinary cat litter. And they also set the price with a kilogram, divided into 5 kg, 6 kg, the most heavier 10 kg, etc. The price ranges from about 10 yuan to about 50 yuan.
    has many brands. There are also cats in my family. I have always used the LL
    SPK brand produced by Beijing Sipkowal Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. for 10 kg. The price of ordinary installation is around 20 yuan, and the price of snake skin bags is about 18 yuan.
    Cat sands are consumables. A bag of 10 kg heavy cat litter can be used for more than 3 weeks. And every day, the group and cats are cleaned up and added to the new cat litter. Cats will be very happy. See what cat litter is, some cat litter may not be very good, so it can be bought in less than ¥ 10
    . Some cat sands are 50 yuan 40 catties; Of course it is more expensive ~

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