1 thought on “What should I pay attention to when they live in the country to live in the countryside?”

  1. The suggestions are as follows:
    1. To bring your cat's cat sand pot and water bowl.
    It cats recognize the pot, especially the cat -raising cat, so it is best to bring the bowls used in your cat to the countryside (preferably with cat food together)
    2. appease.
    The cats, especially cats in the city, most of them will hardly step out of the owner's house in their lives. Therefore, the anxiety and fear of anxiety are inevitable during the road, and even some symptoms such as vomiting are prone to occur. These you need to prepare for soothing and psychological preparation.
    3. Prevent running.
    This cat raising to live in the countryside is also easy to run around. After they spend the initial uneasiness, they will take the initiative to explore new residences, but most cats do not recognize their homes like dogs, so they need to pay special attention to their going out to prevent their families from being lost after going out.
    4. Parasites and infection.
    The village is not as good as cities, and rich vegetation will also give birth to many small lives. Worms, mice, sparrows, bees ... Family cats will not know which can be eaten, and they will try to bite if they are interested.
    5. Animal conflict.
    . Needless to say, the goose of the countryside is easy to conflict with the cats, and the cats are easily injured or even died in the conflict.
    also needs to prevent your cat from biting poultry from other homes, such as chickens.

    Baship is basically that.

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