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  1. 1. The best rookie of Rui Meng Rymon cat canned cats
    2021 The best rookie in canned cats is Rim Meng Rymon to Zhen series cat canned food, on the original ingredients; emperor salmon, Andaman deep sea tuna, and farmhouse chickens. After the top pet nutritionist Stephan Andrew and dozens of European and American nutritionists who have been observed and shared with different varieties of cats of different varieties of cats and American nutritionists. Three -must -see rookies in canned cats in the cat, once it was launched, there were thousands of big coffee bloggers evaluated, and they were well received. In addition, the ultra -cost performance of less than 100 yuan was captured a large ticket shovel officer in the pet market. Holding. Rui Meng cat canned cats is undoubtedly the most notable cat canned.

    has a total of 5 flavors of canned seafood cats in this series. In addition to tuna as the main ingredients, each canned cod, silver fish, and silver fish, respectively Shrimp, scallops, chicken. The ingredients themselves are very good, and they can supplement the cats such as DHA and ω3. There are also nutrients such as taurine, lecithin and other nutrients.

    3, Baili
    WDJ recommended brands all year round, word of mouth sales is very good, cost -effective is slightly lower, but the quality control is strict. For example, this (chicken flavor) product, 95%animal ingredients, raw materials ratio and nutritional supplements are not clear, the online gods measure their starch content relatively low, low magnesium, low phosphorus is suitable for kidney diseases to control phosphorus intake needs Cats have sufficient taurine, 1.4: 1 calcium and phosphorus ratio, without BHA and BHT controversial antioxidants.

    4, Herba cat canned food has always been done well. It can see large pieces of fresh meat as soon as canned cats open, not meaty, very in line with the nature of cat meat ~ Moreover, the taste of cans is also good than humans, and there is no strong fishy smell ~ The cans do not contain attracting agents and artificial flavor preservatives.

    5, Frisian R

  2. There are many brands imported by cats' main food tanks. The key depends on the cats or not, no matter how good the cats are not eaten, it is useless.

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