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  1. In "Sister Lang 2", Jike Yiyi teased Cheng Lisha: "Well, isn't this a lady with a bag twisting, why is the big court sitting underground?" In the hot search, the public's comment on Jike Yiyi once declined. From the cute "black elves" to the entire network, how did Jikeyi's person set up?
    In 1988, Gick Yiyi was born in the Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan, Sichuan.
    I was influenced by the mother who loved singing, and often hear my mother's singing at home.
    The ears, Jike Yiyi also likes singing.
    The children of the poor people can learn specialties in the conditions, Jike Yiyi can only sing with her mother at home. Fortunately, the mother is very patient. Songs.
    Perhaps because of the boldness, she liked to sing in a lot of people when she was a child. At that time, the people in the village were her loyal listeners.
    This dreams are so rooted in Jike Yiyi's heart. She firmly believes that she will definitely sing on the big stage in the future.
    The real life is not friendly to the poor daughter of the poor, and Gick Yiyi, who is growing up, has to raise the burden of supporting the family because of her mother's old.
    In after being admitted to the Chongqing Foreign Language Foreign Affairs Academy, Jike Yiyi thought about giving up his studies and going out to work, but his mother persisted and said that she had to go to school.
    It, after going to college, Jike Yiyi did not want to add more burdens to his mother, and simply began a half -time and half -reading life.
    In the day after the day, I will go to the bar to sing at night. Such a life continues to graduate from Jike Yiyi University.
    The domestic draft show of the year, Jike Yiyi has always had the dream of being a singer. In the first battle, he participated in the election of "Happy Girl".
    , but this too distinctive girl was not so pleasing to at first, many factors were because she was really "too dark".
    In fact, those draft shows have many restricted factors. In the era when people like "big eyes and white legs", the skin is really black. The field of value is not optimistic.

    When not many people appreciated Jikhis, she also rushed into the top 30 of the Guangzhou Division and was eliminated.
    Perhaps, from that time, Jike Yiyi understood a truth: I did not recognize that it was not that my appearance was not bad, but instead lacked a real opportunity, a opportunity to be able to accept her "black nature" reasonably.
    is like this, Jike Yiyi stepped on the journey again, this time she chose another dark horse "China Good Voice" of the draft show.
    is precisely because this show is more concerned about the voice of the singer. As for the problem of looks, the instructor cannot see the singer before he chooses to turn around. Especially for Jike Yiyi, such an opportunity can be considered as an opportunity. Thousands of years are rare.
    In 2012, Jike Yiyi finally stood on the stage of "Good Voice of China". The fifth issue began. Once appeared, it was amazing.
    The song "I Feel Good" that followed the dynamic English song "I Feel Good", who started with the Yi folk song of the Yi nationality, turned around for Jike Yiyi.
    Is when the four mentors were thrown out of olive branches at the same time. After thinking about it, I faced the attractive conditions for the instructor Liu Huan as a guest to attend the concert. Gick Ji Yi chose to join Liu Huan.
    News, Gick Yiyi was the singer Liu Huan who walked all the way into the finals. For this reason, she was once questioned that the family background was strong. Tell her black complexion, and once denied her music value.
    The people to clear themselves. At that time, Jike Yiyi was as real and thorough as the mirror. She was puzzled by everyone.
    In the later show, Jike Yiyi revealed his family background from Dashan.
    It, in order to watch her daughter's game at the scene, she even needed to take a train for a few days and nights, and she grew up with hardships. It is undeniable that Jike Yiyi, who starred in, is indeed a typical poor child.
    The background of this net meters has made many viewers start sympathizing with Jike Jiyi. Everyone began to accept and like her unique black skin color, and gave her a very characteristic title -the most beautiful black on the Daliangshan Mountain pearl.
    has the strong support and the help of the instructor Liu Huan. Everyone thinks that Jike Yiyi can win the championship. Unfortunately, the dark horse Liang Bo who killed halfway won the championship Wu Mochou, under Geng Chengqing, only achieved the third place in Jike Yiyi.
    but these are not important. It is important that, by the popularity accumulated in the game, Jike Yiyi was able to officially debut and began to dream of the singer career he dreamed of.
    The failure to win the championship at that time, Gick Yiyi continued to work hard, and she began to prove herself slowly with her strength.
    In the movie "Second Exposure", she cooperated with Li Daimo to sing the theme song "In I Remember" quickly burst into fire. It is undeniable that Li Daimo was really a popular singer at that time. Winning too many people's love.
    . Unfortunately, Li Daimo later opened a death mode. In 2014, he was arrested for drug use, and his acting career was officially ended. Now he can only rely on live broadcast to barely maintain his livelihood.
    The most popular Wu Mochou after the game did not give himself a correct layout.
    The people thought that Liang Bo was a dark horse, and he ran abroad after winning the championship.
    Wu Mochou naturally became the highest attention singer, coupled with the different stage style, and once the title of "Chinese Lady Gaga". At the point of softness, her endorsement fee even reached more than 100 million during the peak.
    Baships can be blindly focused on commercial light works, and Wu Mochou's singing strength has not been well displayed. In addition, after becoming famous, she did not have more breakthrough works. Over time, she also started to have any The tendency to "find this".
    The Jikki is different, and the development after becoming famous was originally quite satisfactory.
    and she puts music at the C position of career development at this moment, knowing how to precipitate her own concentration of music, plus the different European and American models. Persist in yourself.
    has always advocated the entertainment circle of white and thin. In the face of many people's ridicule and controversy about their own black and slightly fat, a "Color Black" not only blocked the mouth of Yoyo The strength of the Yi.
    Is about her music style, Gick Yiyi also has her own unique insights. She advocates combining Yi songs with pop music to allow Chinese national music to go to the international stage.
    In 2013, her cooperation with the famous Hollywood rapper Snoopy was to successfully prove this.
    In after this, the high popularity and popularity have never been reduced. Jike Yiyi also appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage in 2016, 2017, and 2019. For the singer from the mountains, this is also The best recognition.
    has developed smoothly and smoothly for many years, and Jike Yiyi finally made herself a proper little rich woman. On Valentine's Day some time ago, she even exposed her mansion high -profile.
    The spacious cloakroom and high -heeled shoes on one wall, pet cats and pearl necklaces worn by Gick Yiyi are so dazzling. Indeed, any necklace is worth more than five digits, assets of hundreds of millions.
    and boldly doing his own Jike Yiyi is also a perfect boss. It is rumored that there was a bonus for employees as many as one million.
    During the development momentum, she also chose to participate in the recording of the hottest variety show "Sister Lang 2".
    The singer of Ji Keyi's singing is the strongest. Even so, in the recording of the show, in order to present the best stage effect, her hard work and effort are also famous, which originated from the name, which originated from the fact that it originated from it. Therefore, Jike Yiyi has been fascinated again.
    Aered when the show began, the low emotional business problem of black pearls began to gradually expose to the sun.
    After she ridiculed that Cheng Lisha was eliminated, Cheng Lisha was unwilling to show weakness, and successfully sent Jike Yiyi to hot search with "small composition".
    It to say that Cheng Lisha's response is also full of lethality. The whole process wrote that she was eliminated. At this time, Jike Yiyi stepped on high -heeled shoes to fall down the stones, which gave Cheng Lisha a major blow.
    This response that has a sense of substitution has attracted a lot of sympathy for Cheng Lisha and accusations with Jike Yiyi, but there are still many people who think that this text is full of ridicule and irony of Ji Keyi. Cheng Lisha torn out with Gick Yiyi in order to vent his anger.
    . Jike Yiyi also responded quickly. She exposed the sisters' chat records in the comment area, claiming that she thought she had to respond, so as not to misunderstand each other's sister relationship. : "Tiger hot girls can occasionally cry, but the ladies cannot collapse."
    and Cheng Lisha on the other side also responded interestingly: "I like hot girls and ladies, love each other and love each other."
    is a pity that netizens did not buy such whitewashing, and even showed the darker and darker trend under the efforts of the two. Later, Cheng Lisha just apologized to Jike Jiyi.

    In fact, Gick Yiyi, who is worrying about emotional intelligence, often has a little unclear situation of grasping the situation.
    . In 2021, the identity of the first season of the first season of "Good Voice of China", Jike Yiyi returned again as a teaching assistant.
    . This time she was Li Ronghao's teaching assistant to help the instructor excavate the excellent new singers together. However, the next things that happened will greatly affect the good relationship between Ji Keyi.
    Is to choose a new singer to join their own team, it must be the calculation of the instructor. Other teaching assistants on the scene also followed the instructor to choose to turn around, but Ji Keyi insisted on his own ideas in this matter. Essence
    When she encountered some outstanding singers, she would choose to turn around. Even if Li Ronghao did not make a choice, Jike Yiyi had to work hard to convince him to choose to turn around.
    When the mentor and the teaching assistant evaluate singers singing skills, Jike Yiyi often said endlessly, even Li Ronghao had to help her to make a circle: "We have more words." This explanation has implied that Jike Yiyi Tai is too much. Grab a mirror.
    Indeed, from the perspective of variety show viewing, Jike's cheerfulness and talks are all good, but for new singers, what they need is that the mentors and teaching assistants consciously make more rest time.
    Faced with Ji Keyi's talked about, even Na Ying, who usually talks, often says, "I shut up!"
    During the subsequent selection process, Li Ronghao even looked like Jike Yiyi The teaching assistant, Black Pearl even directly said to Gao Master Li, "I don't give you any opinions, you have to have your own ideas."
    Te To the truth, as a teaching assistant, Jike Yiyi did not know how to perform so much.
    Nowadays, there are more and more labels that people stick to Jike Yiyi, but she still strives to be the most authentic herself, does not cater to, does not follow the flow, and insists on purity.
    . However, insisting on self is not wrong, and pay more attention to the place. This is the place where Ji Keyi should break through the most. After Nirvana, she will definitely be more perfect!
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