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  1. Mao is not very neat, and the eyes are a bit like the Shandong Lion Cat Persian cat. Generally, the hair is relatively long. The reason why the eyes are unstable: either too small or the body's body is unhealthy. Not because of the bad health, if you are in a hurry to seek medical treatment. It is also recommended that the cat is slightly larger for about 3 months to hit the cat triple cat. Our cat Triangle 80 rabies 30 a year will show you the photos of Zhang Lion Cat. You can only send a link, low level of images./i?ct=503316480

  2. 1. Shandong Lion Cat
    The Shandong Lion Cat actually has independent descent. It is raised by ancient courts. The exact place of origin is Linqing County in Shandong Province. The long -haired white cats produced in the local area have passed through the mainland of the motherland, with various colors, but the most famous is white. Among them, there are blue eyes, amber eyes, or two eyes. N2, Persian cat

    The most special thing about Persian cats is that it does not look like a cat's face, or many Beijing people think it is "cold". , The minimum is also short noses and round eyes. The eyes are wide, the ears are small and round, and the distance is wide. After the fluff on the face is more than an adult, even after changing the hair, the body hair is still very soft. There are very dense hair. After adulthood, it seems like a doll, and the "feel" is absolutely good. The nose is small, the forehead is tall, and the forehead is low, which is very different from the Linqing cat.
    Persia is a big cake face (a flat face and a collapsed nose). Linqing is the face of ordinary cats, with short kisses (that is, the mouth of the mouth).

  3. By the way, I only know that the Persian cat's eyes are colored one by one, but it is yellow and a blue. The kitten is so pitiful. The main building is good for cats.

  4. It is best to post your baby photos. Essence Essence
    It, if the kitten without full moon will still be unstable, it will be good for a long time. If you think the cat is not very small or goes unstable, it is recommended to go to the hospital to see ~

  5. From the color of the eyes, the color of the cat is not good, but also the face shape and body shape, the hair color, etc., the landlord just take a picture, send it to see

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