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  1. Cats can also protect the owner
    Many times, we all think that cats and dogs are different. One of these differences is that the dogs are loyal to others. Some large dogs can be used as our bodyguards, and they can be fierce when they are in danger. Most cats give people a petite and weak feeling. In particular, some cats are extremely timid, and they are afraid of seeing people. However, at some times, cats are not as useless as we think, they can also stand up to protect the safety of the owner.

    The foreign netizens recently posted a video on social platforms. A Mengbao who just walked in blue clothes in the video was very curious about the furniture. This time he wanted to study the oven. However, it was just seen by the female cat at home. The cats were also motherly hair, which timely prevented the baby's dangerous behavior.
    In the video, when the female cat passed by, she suddenly found that the little owner was playing with the switch of the oven, and there was one hand holding the oven door handle. So the female cat rushed around on the little master, hoping to attract his attention, but this has no effect. The female cat feels that it must have some greater moves to prevent danger. So the female cat jumped up all of a sudden, and pulled the baby's hand to hold the handle hand with her own claws to stop his dangerous behavior in time. After this video was passed on the Internet, it became hot in a short time, and the number of clicks has already exceeded 320,000 times. Some netizens also said: This cat is so cute and clever. I hope that the cats they raise can be so wit.
    The little boy of a family of Bexfield, California was attacked by a dog while riding a bicycle. The kitten at home rushed out immediately, scaring away the dog that was much larger than it. In the 56 -second video taken by this monitoring camera, you can also see a few deep wounds on the little boy's legs. But the family said he was not a big deal. "My cat came out to protect him when the evil dog attacked my son, and drove it away before it caused greater harm to the child. Thank you, my son is fine," the little boy's father, Roger Trian Tetafelo, Write in the video.
    So, as a kind of cat family, the nature of cats is not as timid as people imagined. As a carnivore, it also has some wild instincts, such as the desire to attack The beard or tentacles of the cat family are precise touch -sensitive organs. There are beef or tentacles on both sides of their noses, above the eyes, cheeks, and back feet. If you are shaved, it will not only affect their appearance, but also weaken their ability to feel. The teeth of cats are not only used to attack, but also to bite food. They have 30 teeth, of which four sharp curved canine teeth are the most sharp. Therefore, cats can rely on such teeth to grab and tear their food or enemies. Smaller (upper tooth) is mainly used to assist bite, and their side teeth (front molars and rear governments) are less than most mammals. Most mammals are used to grind food. And cats only use them to cut off food. The tongue of cats is rough. The tongue of the cat is like a rough sandpaper. The larger wild cats, such as tigers and lions, are even more rough. Their tongue is covered with inverted tongue, which is convenient for them to peel the meat from the bones of the prey. Although the mandibular part of the cat family is very powerful, it can clamp the prey and have enough power to crush its bones.
    In addition, the cat's claws are also a big weapon. The cat's front paws grow very sharp, with capturing prey, combined with sharp teeth to tear the food, fighting the enemy and climbing trees, walls and other objects. Function. Especially when catching prey and fighting, he danced and danced, sharp. The sharp claws use the strong limbs to make the cat have a strong climbing ability.
    , but although the cat has the instinct of cats, what should their own cats still timid? In the process of contacting cats, the owner should also be good at discovering the personality characteristics of the cat. For example, some cats like sports and some cats don't like to hug. Then the owner should take targeted measures, first pull the relationship with the cat, and then train to improve its guts.
    After being completely familiar with and trusting with cats, you can take the cat to walk outdoors and bend, and appropriately contact other pet cats and animals. At the same time, cats can slowly learn to contact strangers and get along with strangers. In order to improve the cat's guts, the owner can often invite other friends and pets to play at home. At the same time, prepare some toys it loves for cats, such as balls, etc., so that it will improve its guts in constant communication and exercise.

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