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  1. When taking a bath for a cat, you must pay special attention to the state of the kitten.
    The more appropriate method is to hold one hand in the kitten's chest, and the other hand is cleaned. In this way, the kitten is easy to have a sense of trust. The phenomenon, if I cat, the more I am afraid of being drowned by myself.
    In addition, before bathing, the kitten body needs to be loser, so that the cat's hair can be avoided and knotted.
    The temperature of water regulating water, control the temperature at 37 ~ 38 degrees Celsius, is also the temperature that we feel hot with our hands.
    This from the feet to clean, allowing the kitten to gradually adapt to the temperature until it adapts to the environment after the environment, the head, neck, back, abdomen, and limbs are carried out in order. In addition, pay special attention not to let the water irrigate into the cat's eyes and ears. You can also try some cotton wool in the cat's ear, wash it out after washing!
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  2. I don't know how big your kitten is. If there are two full moon, you should take a bath. However, there should be the following attention in the bath:
    1, do not take a bath for kittens or cats in cloudy or rainy days. Listening to the older people said that the cat in 365 days a year felt warm, that is, the day of the summer solstice. If you want to take a bath for the cat, then choose a wind and sunny weather, when the sun is relatively large (such as noon).
    2, preparation of utensils. A warm dry towel, a special detergent for pets, a rubber pad, and a sponge, of course, need a bathtub that is enough to accommodate its. After making the above preparations, we can start taking a bath for the cat.
    3. First of all, you have to close the doors and windows so that you do n’t wear a wind in the where you take a bath for the cat. Then, put the rubber pad in the bathtub to prevent your home from slipping. Then, put about 5-10cm deep warm water in the basin, and the temperature of warm water is close to the temperature of cat blood (38.6 degrees Celsius). Put the cat in the pot, use a sponge to wet the hair other than the face, and then squeeze the detergent into the hair to produce foam. After the whole body produces foam, rinse with warm water until there is no foam. Finally, wrap the cat with a dry towel, dry the water, and put the cat in a warm place. If the cat is not afraid of a hair dryer, you can use a hair dryer to blow dry, and finally sort out the cat's hair. If it is afraid of blowing, it must be dry thoroughly.
    This so, wash the cat for the cat.

  3. Share a few tips for bathing for cats
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  4. Five steps are as follows:
    1. Prepare a pot of warm water. It is advisable to put your hands in the water without hot hands.
    2. When helping cats in summer, you need to do it in a warm environment. Close the cold air conditioner to make the bathroom temperature consistent with the temperature of other rooms, so as not to be cold due to the indoor temperature difference after bathing.
    3, bathing the cat, do not use the stressful shower or faucet to rush straight, which is easy to cause the cat to be frightened and fled desperately. . The water pressure should be adjusted smaller and gently dripped on the cat. If a cat is struggling, you need to soothe the cat.
    4. Be careful not to get the water into the cat's eyes and ears when taking a bath, and try to avoid washing the cat's head. . You can wear a bath hat to prevent bath water from entering your ears. If you need to clean the cat's head, you can wipe it gently with a wet towel.
    5, gently massage the cat's body, wait for the cat's hair and skin to moist, and then use a little shower gel.

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