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  1. Introduction: Any sales work pays attention to certain skills. The skills to communicate with customers are particularly important. The following is the skill of custom -made furniture marketing that I collect and organizes.
    The custom -made furniture marketing tips 1 1. Quickly establish trust:
    ① sincere attitude and listening with heart.
    ② Stand Sitting on the left side of the customer, let the customer see it.
    ③ Eye stare at the tip of the opponent's nose and forehead, without interruption, no interruption.
    ④ Do not make a sound (nodded, smile), re -confirm the
    ⑤ do not understand the question, do not answer
    ⑥ stop pause for 3 to 5 seconds, and then start talking.
    Plashing customers, strengthen trust
    classic sentences:
    You really have vision/not simple/generous/generous/charming/bold
    . The method of asking questions
    ① What brand of furniture is now using now? What style? How long did you buy? Are you satisfied with that set of furniture? ② Have you understood the furniture before buying that furniture? What are the deficiencies used now and need to strengthen changes?
    The top words of question:
    ① What do you call? Where do you buy your house? ② Are you moving a new home or adding furniture, or someone gets married at home? ③ Have you seen other stores? Hard work on the road, drinking a cup of tea. ④ Is there a drawing with drawings? Let me take a look. ⑤ Can you take a look at the approximate graphics? I will help you see the size and how to place it. ⑥ Do you look at the sofa or the bed? ⑦ Do you use it yourself or for others at home?
    The steps to ask questions:
    ① Ask some simple and easy answers; ask the question of yes; ask the question of the second choice; try to say as little as possible. ② Think of the answer in advance.
    The most comprehensive furniture sales skills and words
    . Customer objection usually shows:
    ① price (customer always wants to buy the best product at the lowest price)
    ② Furniture of furniture
    ③ service (pre -sale, medium, back, on -site measurement, swinging field), guarantee and guarantee.
    Please remember: never solve all problems, only the proportion of continuous increase in transactions.
    . Do a top sales
    1. How to answer objections: (Affirmation of Agreement)
    The first recognition, then asking, identification is not agreed. Keep nodding and smiling at the moment.
    The hot words should be used when dealing with objections. Do not use "cold words"
    hot words: I know (understand) ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈ ┈┈
    I agreed (identity) ┈┈ ┈┈
    Cold words: but, that is, but.
    The interrogation skills exercise:
    how much does this set of furniture cost?
    The question: How much money is not the most important. The most important thing is that you like it or not, is it suitable? What do you say?
    Is there a dark color?
    The question: Do you like dark colors?
    How fast can you get to the goods?
    Is ask: When do you want us to be the most appropriate?
    The method of answering the price cannot be acceptable:
    ① How much is it?
    It is not the most important thing. Do you like this set of furniture? If this furniture is not suitable for you, will you buy it cheaper? Have you heard of the green channel? So let's take a look at this suitable price if it is suitable for you. Is the size appropriate? Can't let go, do you need anything other than this? Let me write it down first, and calculate it together. I will give you the most satisfactory price. (Moving focus)
    ② too expensive
    A, too expensive is a mantra. (You can pretend not to hear, it is the best way.)
    B. Involved: What kind of price do you think is not expensive.
    C. Do you know what is the difference between cheap furniture and expensive furniture?
    D. The value of shaping is not easy from the production process, indicating that the product itself is expensive
    E. R n 2. Affirmation skills:
    ① What you say is very reasonable, I understand your mood.
    ② I know what you mean, thank you for your suggestion
    ③ I agree with your point of view. Your question is very good.
    The method of recognition of recognition can not only be applied to the customer's claims in the on -site sales, but also applies in the process of processing customer after -sales service and complaints.
    3. The language signal of transactions:
    A. When concentrated on a product, and ask if there are supporting products or gifts.
    B. Starting care of after -sales work, I always ask repeatedly to deliver the goods. Whether the original packaging, the after -sales service can be timely, there are problems with replacement, etc.
    It, there are some questioning signals:
    A. How about the sales of this furniture? What is the minimum discount? B. How will you perform after -sales service? Is there any promotion now? Is there a gift?
    C. Is there any more detailed information? When can the order be delivered? D. I would like to ask the opinions of my family?
    The behavior signal of transactions:
    A. When the customer's eyes are bright, seeing a certain product suddenly brighten the eyes and expose joy.
    B. When the question suddenly stops, the customer looks at the goods, and the interruption is slightly thinking about whether to buy it.
    C. When comparing several products, customers compare a certain product to other products, or compare the same product.
    D. Carefully look at the manual, carefully read the product description or publicity data, and ask questions.
    E. When customers pay great attention to the speculators, the customer's eyes are very sharp. They do not let go of the tone and content of a small movement, eyes, and conversation, for fear of being fooled.
    The method and technique of transactions:
    A, bold transactions (anyway, won't die)
    B, asking for transactions
    C, handling method (nodded, smiling, shut -mouth)
    D. Silent method (at a critical moment, when he is melancholy, do not grab the wind, who will take advantage of the wind, wait for him to decide)
    e, after the transaction, transfer the topic.
    The custom -made furniture marketing talk skills. 2. For old customers and fixed customers, we must always keep in touch. If you have time and conditions, send some small gifts or banquet customers to stabilize the relationship with the customer.
    In the call, even if no one sees you, it must show confidence. This is very important. The more likely you to show the confidence required for sales,
    The positive posture of the end is beneficial to your spirit and voice, ——— Imagine lying on the bed and sitting on a stool. Different
    The attitude that I can do "I can do"
    (1) With the "I can't do", the attitude is negative, feels weak,
    The idea of ​​powerlessness: How can I be so stupid r
    I have bragged this time, I am a fool
    I my boss is a nasty guy
    How to how indifferent to me
    (2) People who have an attitude of "I can do" are actively thinking Always prepare to accept challenges
    The idea of ​​the ability: I have made mistakes, but I can learn from it
    I will be more clear about the requirements of the boss next time
    How to get along with her is a challenge, I want ...
    The smile with your smile
    When you smile and talk, your confidence, your enthusiasm, and your friendship will naturally be reflected in your In the voice,
    2. Establishing goals --- Let you have a clear direction
    1. The number of calls you want to call
    2. The number of times you contact the decision maker
    3 3 The number of sales times
    4. Other
    The influencing factors of the high and low work efficiency:
    E each phone is required to be long
    What products do you sell
    and and the How difficult for a customer to establish a relationship
    Muchorized the number of contact customers
    The communication equipment you use
    3. Arrange your working environment
    1. I have a working place without environmental noise
    . I have a way to avoid interference when I talk to customers
    . 3. I estimate that I can stay in a place for a long time, and train myself to call how many calls during this period
    4. There is a conspicuous clock, rational use of time
    5. There is any List of the necessary customer service, the telephone of the technical department and the relevant personnel
    6. Prepare the supplies to record the `必
    7, the necessary products or service information obtained Use
    8. Archive information that needs to be followed
    9. There are related facilities to make it easier for work to perform
    . Master product knowledge
    1. Knowledge in the product outlets
    . Knowledge in product safety
    3. Knowledge in product utility
    4. Knowledge of manufacturers' voluntary support
    5. Understand customers
    1. Previous account dossiers
    2. Other sales representatives
    3. Industry publishing house
    4. Business column of newspapers
    5. The price of the stock
    6. Competitors
    7. The situation of using your product or service
    6. The information prepared to pass it
    . Introduce yourself
    2. 2. Determine or then determine your customer
    3. The product characteristics or interests that are being introduced must meet the needs of the customer
    4. Prepare the objection
    5. How to try to end the conversation
    6. Make sure you don't leave the question
    The custom -made furniture marketing talk skills. 3. We must overcome your inner obstacles
    In some people are worried about the other party to refuse themselves before calling. How to deal with, you can only hang up the phone, and even some people look forward to hanging up the phone and no one answering, always considering the perspective of answering the phone, imagine how he will reject you. If you think so, you will become two people rejecting you. The phone call will not receive the expected results. There are the following methods to overcome the inner obstacles:
    (1) Putting the good mentality. It is normal for sales to be rejected. The abnormal thing is that no one refuses us. If that's the case, we don't need to run the business anymore. We must have two hundred percent confidence in our own products and services, and we should be very optimistic about the market prospects of the product. It is their loss that others do not need or do not need our products or services. At the same time, summarize several advantages of your own products.
    (2) Good at summarizing. We should thank each customer who rejected us. Because we can learn from them why they are rejected. Every time we call, we should record it, they reject our way, and then, we summarize, how can we solve it if we encounter similar things next time. The purpose of this is to let us face the general problem again. We have enough confidence to solve it, and we will not be afraid or fear.
    (3) Pick up a little time every day to learn. The more you learn, the less you know. The purpose of our learning is not to achieve a height. Instead, we have enough confidence. Of course, we should have a selective study. Before calling, you can write the keywords you want to express to the customer first, so as to avoid "incoherent words" due to tension. If you call too much, you will naturally mature.
    . The purpose of clarifying the phone
    The purpose of calling the customer to sell the product. Of course, it is impossible to complete it. We have valuable information. If the person who answered the phone happened to be the person in charge, then we can introduce the company's products directly, communicate with the phone, send the product information mail, make an appointment and visit, etc. Call the information, then contact them to send emails, make an appointment to visit. Therefore, calling for customers is not the purpose. We need to contact our target customers, get the opportunity to interview, and then complete our sales.
    . The collection of customer resources
    Since the purpose is clear, then the question of whom to call. The telephone sales of any industry start with the choice of customers. , Or to find enough effective potential target customers, if you ca n’t even do this, you ca n’t talk about creating good results. In the process of telephone sales, choosing is always more important than hard work. Although finding the right goal from the beginning does not mean that it can produce sales performance, at least you get a chance and get a good start.
    The customer must have three conditions:
    1. There are potential or obvious needs;
    . There is a certain economic strength to consume the products you sell;
    . Contact People must have the right to decide and be able to make the main shot. Because our products are high -end products, consumer groups are mainly concentrated in high -income people, public funds consumer groups, and celebrities. These people's main industries include the IT industry, consulting industry, entertainment industry, real estate industry, publishing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and automobiles. Industry, media industry, communications industry, study abroad agency, civil aviation industry, financial industry, government institutions, etc. When customer development, we must collect personal information in these industries, corporate enterprise purchases, government departments' trade union purchases information information Essence
    . The communication of the front desk or the header
    The data is collected, that is, the phone is contacted. At this time, you will find that many telephones are the company's front desk or the company. A large set of sales words were rejected before they were spoken, so we must find ways to bypass these obstacles and bypass the front desk:
    . When looking for information, find the name of the boss by the way, find the name of the boss's name by the way When calling, find the boss directly. If the other party asked who you are, you say it is his customer or friend, and the opportunity to find this is greater.
    2. Prepare a few more telephones of the company and use different numbers to make different people. There will be different reactions, and the chance of success is relatively high.
    3. Just turn to an extension and then ask (not to change the artificially), may be transferred to the salesman or the personnel department, so that you can avoid the front desk.
    4. If you think this customer is very active, you should not give up. You can find another colleague to help you. By the way, you can learn your colleagues. You can also learn a new method
    5. With them The identity of the partner, for example: Hello, I am XX company, help me pick up your boss. I sent a fax to him yesterday and wanted to determine whether to receive it.
    6. I do n’t know what the person in charge is, pretend to know, for example, find your manager, "I am XXX company XXX, we have contacted the cooperation before. That's it wrong. I lost his business card. Please tell me how much is his name? "
    7. Don't leave your name with the phone number to the person who answered the phone. If the person in charge is not or without time, just say: It doesn't matter, when is the person in charge generally? You see when I can make it easy for me to call you in the afternoon? It is difficult for those who answers the phone to the phone. is you.
    5. Successful telephone marketing opening brilliant
    In twists and turns to find your target customer, you must introduce the company and self -introduction within 30 seconds, which will attract customers' interest and let customers continue to talk. That is, the salesperson must clearly let the customer know the following three things in 30 seconds:
    1. Who do I represent?
    2. What is the purpose of my call to the customer? ?
    3. What is the use of our company's products to customers? The opening whites are best to express their intentions with the most brief refined sentences, because no one will patiently listen to a stranger publishing a long story there, and the customer cares about it, and the customer cares about it What is this call, what can be brought to him, and the useless call is a waste of time for anyone. For example: Hello, President Li, I am XXX in the morning. Our company mainly makes various high -end fruits and dried fruit products, as well as various dried fruits, red wine, and tea oil gift boxes. Our products can be distributed as employee benefits and festivals, and can also provide your customers to maintain your customer relationship. Note: Don't always ask customers if they are interested, help customers decide and guide customers 'thinking; do not shrink back immediately in the face of customers' rejection. The most important thing is to interview customers.
    The custom -made furniture marketing tips 4 must know who your phone is called.
    Stilers who have not figured out the people who are looking for, when the phone calls, they start to introduce themselves and products. As a result, the other party said that you made mistakes or I was not a certain. Other salespersons make the customer's name wrong, make the customer's position wrong, and some even make the customer’s company name wrong. These mistakes have reduced your integrity when you start to sell. Will lose the customer. Therefore, each salesperson should not think that calling is very simple. Before telephone marketing, we must figure out the customer's information, and we must figure out that the people you call have the right to procurement.
    The tone should be stable, the word should be clear, and the language should be concise.
    The salesperson was nervous when he was afraid of being rejected. He picked up the phone and was nervous. He panicked and his words were too fast. I often receive a sales phone call, and I can't report the company name. I can't figure out the product, and I have to refuse. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to figure out his intention, and then after being patient to listen to his introduction. As a result, I still don’t understand what the product is? So, when selling phone sales, you must make your tone stable and let the other party be allowed to let the other party. Hearing what you are talking about, it is best to speak standard Mandarin. The language of telephone sales should be as simple as possible. When it comes to the product, we must worsen the tone and attract the attention of customers.
    This phone is clear.
    We many sales staff did not think seriously before calling or organized language. As a result, I found that what I should say did not say that the sales purpose that should be achieved did not achieve. For example: I want to call a potential customer of my own product. My purpose is to let the other party know my product better through phone communication and have the opportunity to buy my product. With this purpose, I will design the most concise product introduction language, and then introduce the performance and price of the product according to the needs of the other party. Eventually, a deep impression on the other party was left to achieve sales purposes. Therefore, telephone sales techniques must be clearly used by telephone marketing.
    This to introduce yourself and intention within 1 minute.
    This is a very important telephone sales technique. I often receive a sales phone from the same person and never remember his name and company. For the reason, every time he called, he only introduced himself as Xiao Zhang. The company's name was very vague. I didn't remember it for a long time. When selling phone sales, you must make the company name, the name of your own name and product, and the way of cooperation. At the end of the phone, don't forget to emphasize your own name. For example, a man manager is very happy to know me. I hope we have a successful cooperation. Please remember that I call Moumou. I will often contact you.
    do a good job of call registration and follow up immediately.
    After calling the phone sales staff, you must register and summarize it to divide the customer into a class. Category A is the most promising to be sold. Class can fight, and you must follow up uninterruptedly. I also have to dare to get customers to place an order. For example, a certain manager, after several communication, I have prepared five products for you. I hope that today I can deliver the goods for you. I hope you remit the money as soon as possible. Category C has no intention of cooperation. You have to call him from time to time to see if there is a need for him.
    Customized furniture marketing talk skills 5 greet customers, do self -introduction telephone marketing skills.
    In the call, first ask the customer, such as: "Good morning (afternoon)", "Hello, is Mr. ××?" I am Xiao Zhang, the business representative of × Baoding Telecom ××. Today, I want to take this opportunity to exchange your views on the Internet. Can you disturb you to make a telephone interview in 5 minutes? " In this way, the other party can get a polite positive answer.
    The telephone sales skills that praise and explain intentions.
    , for example: "I have the opportunity to serve Mr. Zhang for your friend recently and make a reasonable plan for his Internet. During the service process, he said that you are young and career, and he is very successful, and he is also very good at people. Enthusiastic. Our company is doing a market questionnaire recently. Can I talk to you in 5 minutes now? "
    The refuse to deal with it.
    Is when the customer refuses to make an appointment, our sales staff should answer with polite words. There are common call sales techniques for rejection:
    (1) "No, I will not be there at that time."
    The telephone sales skills to deal with: Sorry, maybe I chose an inappropriate time, I hope to find a more convenient time to visit you. May I ask if (tomorrow) is free, or (the day after tomorrow) is free?
    (2) "I have no interest in the Internet."
    The telephone sales skills to deal with: Because you do not understand the meaning of the Internet, you are not interested, please give me a chance to make you interested, This is why you want to visit you, you (tomorrow) or (the day after tomorrow) in the unit.
    (3) "I'm busy, there is no time."
    The telephone sales skills to deal with: I know you are busy with business, so I call in advance to inquire about your opinions to avoid rash visits and hinder your work. Then, will be better (tomorrow) or (the day after tomorrow).
    (4) "You send the information over and let me look at it first."
    The telephone sales skills to deal with: Then, but you are so busy, watching these Internet information will take up you too much too much More time, let me study and think about it together. You see (tomorrow) or (the day after tomorrow) is more appropriate.
    (5) "The size of our company is small, and now it does not have the ability to build a website."
    The telephone sales skills to deal with: Mr., you are so polite. Today, I call, I do n’t have to buy a website for you; but everyone knows each other and be a friend. In the future, when you think you need a website, you can buy it. If (tomorrow) or (the day after tomorrow) is convenient, I will introduce it to you, and it is good to know more about Internet knowledge.
    (6) "I have a friend who is also in the online company."
    The telephone sales skills to deal with: Your friend is in the online company, then you must know the Internet. But do we need to buy from friends, but depending on whether this salesperson is professional enough. Can you design the best Internet plan for you? Give me a chance to try it? If you are not satisfied, you can greatly reject me in a generous manner, without having to hinder love. Do you have time (tomorrow), or (the day after tomorrow)?
    The telephone sales skills for invitations.
    The telephone sales cannot be rushed to sell. You should mainly understand the situation of the other party. You have to "introduce" the product. Meeting is the best way. Only by talking with customers can we fully understand each other and fully show their comprehensive advantages. When asking for interviews, don't forget to take the initiative to propose a time and place, otherwise it is difficult for the other party to make a decision. Such as: still meet!

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