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  1. Weineng
    Onon is one of the largest international heating groups in Europe. It is the top brand of the European heating industry. In the heating industry, Wei Neng has a high position and is the leader in the global heating industry. In the domestic Weineng company, it is Wei Neng (Beijing) Heating Equipment Co., Ltd..
    mason is a national high -tech enterprise. To develop companies, it is necessary to innovate. Only companies with innovation capabilities will have a better bake. The product research and development design is unique and experienced, and the years of operation have also improved enterprises to improve corporate management capabilities and market resistance.
    million and
    Wanli is a well -known trademark in China, a national key high -tech enterprise, and the company is located in Guangdong. Wanhe wall -hung boiler Y series gas heating hot water furnace is imported at the core component. Special floor heating 55 ℃ temperature limit protection, scientific output of temperature, energy saving and environmental protection. Micro -computers intelligent wisdom and strong compatibility, can connect multiple human -computer exchange intelligent control technology, enable energy conservation and comfort to take into account both.

    The Bosch brand was founded in Germany in 1886. It can be regarded as a historic brand. Over the years of development, Bosch has a huge enterprise scale and sales The Internet, Bosch has now become one of the largest gas boiler suppliers in Europe. It is a major overlord in the industry. It not only has strong market competitiveness, but it has already occupied a lot of market share.
    Eight streams are influential brands of the wall -hung boiler industry. The establishment time is early, the enterprise size is large, the development speed is fast, and Bazhi has already formed the development, design, production, and sales of products in Bazhi. The business model, annual output and sales have been at the forefront of the industry for many years.
    Arston is a multinational company. It is the world's leading company that specializes in heating and hot water products. Ariston was first established in Italy in 1930. After that, it has moved around the world to seize the world to seize the world and seize the world to seize the world and seize the global. The market, only in China, Ariston has occupied a large share.

    Bereda is the main supplier in China's heating field and one of Italy's largest heating equipment manufacturers. In the heating and heating industry, Beareta is definitely a leading lead. Whether it is the product research and development speed or the annual output of the product, Bareta can make small and medium -sized enterprises be at no way.
    Wanjiale is a national high -tech enterprise, a brand -name product in Guangdong Province, affiliated with Guangdong Wanjiale Co., Ltd.; compared to other exotic brands, Wanjiale can be considered to be native, and Wanjiale's development speed is amazing. It is a dark horse in the industry.
    In the top ten brands, there are many brands born in Italy, and Emma is still born in Italy. In 1964, Emma was founded. With the advancement of science and technology and consumer requirements, The continuous changes have also made corresponding adjustments in product production and enterprise management. High -efficiency innovation capabilities have made Yima show strong vitality. Now Yima has become the world's most advanced industry manufacturer.
    Guorun is a top 500 Chinese enterprise. It belongs to the Chunfeng Industrial Group. It is one of the earliest companies in China to enter the gas heating water furnace industry. History, not only the product business is very mature, but also the sales network is also widely distributed all over the country's heating areas, and it has become the leader in the domestic heating industry.

  2. The well -known wall -hung boiler brand that pays more attention to quality can be compared. The Fiston wall -mounted boiler is a recognized ten brands. It sells well in China. The quality of high -end brands, the price of mid -range brands, and the price -performance ratio is particularly high, so it ’s really good to look at the Fiston wall -mounted boiler

  3. There are many gas wall -mounted boilers on the market, which cannot be introduced here. You can go to the mall for inspection, and you can choose the one that suits you. Let's see how to choose the gas wall -hung boiler:

    The wall -hung boiler purchase skills 1: See whether the floor heating and hot water can have comfort at the same time. Experience effect
    When choosing a type of wall -hung boiler, most families choose to use the heating hot water with the function of gas water heater to save the kitchen space and installation costs. Such wall -mounted boilers can use hot water and floor heating at the same time in winter, and only hot water can be used in summer. However, many people will encounter hot water when they use it. The floor heating effect will decrease or the floor heating temperature is unstable. The experience is greatly reduced. And this aspect is closely related to the combustion technology of the wall -hung boiler itself.

    This Wall -mounted boiler purchase skills II: See if there is a constant temperature zero -cold water
    For heating hot water, whether the hot water can be opened and or if the use process can be constant temperature. It is also a point that consumers are more concerned. Therefore, many wall -hung boilers use zero -cold water technology. For example, some wall -hung boilers use patented zero -cold water, that is, the heat cruise capacity can meet various large units such as duplex and flat layers. Installation of barrier -free. In addition, it is equipped with four -stage combustion technology that can match the power required for the water inlet temperature in different seasons. Regardless of the temperature outside, it can keep the hot water constant temperature and keep the machine away from frequent start and stop, which is more durable.

    This Wall -hung boiler purchase techniques III: See whether it is safe
    as a household equipment that needs to be used, use safety is undoubtedly the top priority.

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