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  1. The summary of the year at the end of the year is a conventional work. It is a comprehensive review, inspection, analysis, and judgment of the whole year's work, and find out the achievements and shortcomings, success and failure, experience and lessons, and make correct evaluations to make it to make it to make the correct evaluation, so that Everyone knows unification. The following is a summary of the personal work summary of the 2019 construction safety officer that I brought to you. Welcome everyone to read reference!
    The personal work summary of the 2019 Construction Safety Officer (1)
    . I have been “full -time in 20xx year x month of“ full -time Since joining the work, the safety officer has always been the goal of "being a qualified security officer" as the current job. Since I shoulder this heavy responsibility, I have always maintained a sober mind, diligent and hardworking to treat my work, and in the current position in current positions, in strict accordance with the safety work goals set at the beginning of each year First, the safety policy of prevention -oriented and comprehensive governance is strengthened to strengthen production safety management. With the trust and support of the relevant leaders of the project department, I cherish this security role very much and devote themselves to work with a positive attitude. I feel very fulfilling the work over the past year. The work of the individual in the past year is as follows:
    1. "Being a qualified security officer" as the motivation to work, thinking about the interests of the remarks everywhere, helping the leaders to take the serious implementation Safety production responsibility system, strengthen the publicity and transmission of relevant production safety regulations and regulations, do a solid safety training work, firmly fulfill the commitment of the "Safety Objective Responsibility Letter" to ensure the successful realization of the third -level safety production goal of the project department. In management, dedication, rigorous security awareness and professional ethics, the signs of weak safety awareness, lack of experience, fear of trouble, inertia thoughts, and analyzing and killing in the bud state through safety day activities and safety examples. Study safety knowledge with the employees of the project department, learn from the case of analysis of accidents, lessons lessons, and continuously improve the level of business level.
    2. Under the correct leadership of the leadership, the safety functions of the equipment and personnel in the construction area will be carefully supervised. Grasp the unlicensed operation, resolutely punish other security violations, so that you can master major hidden dangers and weak links that threaten safety production.
    3. Timely understanding of production safety through daily safety inspections. Every day, you can go to the construction site to check the safety production and conduct a comprehensive inspection of all the regions of the project department every month, organize relevant personnel to check the special equipment and vehicles, and implement the supervision of relevant departments and operating teams to perform maintenance and maintenance Healthy and stable operation.
    4. Actively take the initiative to do a good job of "safety evaluation", do a good job of "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter" safety inspection activities, do a good job of emergency planning and exercise, do a good job of The annual safety month activities, etc., are carried out seriously in these activities with strict, detailed and real requirements, achieved good results, and praised by superiors.
    5. Carefully perform their duties, strictly control the safety in the implementation of the "security evaluation", organize relevant personnel to do a good job of investigating and evaluating, and to strictly implement the system, further improve the level of safety management, greatly improve The security situation of the project department.
    6. In recent years, the security work of the "safety standardization" is mainly carried out in the three major aspects of occupational health, safety, and environmental protection. When I first started safety work, my work experience is not very rich, and there are always problems in work. In order to be familiar with various businesses in a short period of time, I continued to learn security knowledge through various channels to enrich myself, and to exercise myself through "safety standardization" work.
    7. A lot of roots to produce the front line and widely absorb the experience of all parties. In my work, I hope that I can have more opportunities to join the front line, because there can be sufficient nutrients that can give me enough growth. Only when you really take root in the front line can you have a deeper understanding of occupational health, safety and environmental protection, and promote my better work; communicate with employees on the front line of production, and extensively absorb the experience of all parties to discover problems in time, expand my Work ideas to truly achieve the coordinated development of occupational health, safety and environment.
    8. Correctly deal with interpersonal relationships. In daily work, there are many exchanges with superiors, colleagues, and construction workers. In the daily work process, there may be problems or that, and friction will inevitably occur. This requires me to correct my attitude and actively avoid such problems. Young people are easy to perform at work in work. When dealing with problems, it is likely that they are not fully considered, and their minds are doing irrational things. I work hard at work. Correctly deal with the relationship with other colleagues, and actively and optimize to help difficult colleagues.
    9. Carefully carried out various tasks of "Safety Production Month", conducted special rectification actions and comprehensive inspections. When the "Safety Production Month" arrived in the country, various safety activities were carried out, such as: "three violations" and "three non -harm" activities, and do a good job of safety education and training. Special training for relevant personnel to carry out power safety knowledge and special work safety knowledge. Continuously carry out safety and education of employees, strengthen the safety awareness of employees, and truly transform them from "asking me safety" to "I want to be safe". And let employees completely understand the importance of safety and the origin of the "national safety month".
    10. Do a good job of review and supervision of the Foreign Association team. The Foreign Association team is an indispensable collaborative unit in our unit's construction process. Its operators generally have many problems such as low academic qualifications, weak security awareness, and uncomfortable management. the key of. In my work, I actively organize new personnel to conduct three -level safety education and training, and effectively bring safety knowledge to each construction personnel, and carefully complete the training course with a "people -oriented" attitude to prevent the existence of the surface. The qualifications of the Foreign Association units are monitored to the wages of migrant workers and the purchase of personal insurance purchase to ensure the interests of each construction personnel.
    11. Do a good job of special equipment and vehicle management. Whenever I work in a new project department, I will immediately start statistics on vehicles and special equipment. In recent years, the state and relevant departments have become stricter and stricter of special equipment. If the news is closed and special equipment management is not in place, the project department is likely to bear unnecessary economic losses and reputation. Actively go to the relevant departments for special equipment installation and informing work, communicate and consult them, maintain good cooperative relationships, and ensure that special equipment inspection work is developed smoothly; there are many vehicles in each project department, the types of categories are also complicated, and the standards and classification management is me. The magic weapon of winning is also an indispensable work with the driver and master to communicate with scriptures.
    12. Actively carry out hidden dangers to investigate and earnestly achieve safety affairs. I actively established a hidden danger investigation and governance system in each project department and carefully carried out hidden dangers to investigate and register, and effectively monitor and guide the governance process. Seriously listen and collect the rational safety suggestions and opinions of the team, and effectively reflect the safety of employees to the superiors.
    13. In terms of environment, I formulated my own environmental control goals based on the notice of the "Company's Important Environmental Factors and Control Measures" and the relevant requirements of the owner and the supervision department. Solid waste discharge, noise, dust, waste oil, waste gas and fire. The control measures are: the living area is set up in the domestic waste pond, which is used for fixed -point stacking for solid waste, and is buried regularly; the trash can in the office living area to collect general waste; Hardware materials, etc., will be recovered in a timely manner by the material department of the project department, and are categorized to be stored, trying to recycle and reuse as much as possible, reduce waste of resources; equipped with dustproof labor insurance supplies for construction personnel; Examination is mainly to check the electrical lines to prevent electrical fires and electric shock accidents.
    14. According to the spirit of the owner, the supervision department, and the company, I assisted the project department to successfully complete the annual flood prevention inspection and preparation work, established a safety inspection system for the living area, and formulated and reported a detailed flood prevention emergency plan to plan And plan exercise plan. Actively organize the construction personnel of the project department to participate in the flood control exercises in the work area. In the exercise, the total experience of the exercise, find out the shortcomings, and ensure that when the real moment comes, the loss can be minimized.
    15. Constantly learn to enrich yourself and complete a solid transformation of one floor. Safety is an eternal topic, and the ocean of security knowledge is also vast. I am working, and I am constantly charging myself. Familiar with related safety production regulations and safety operation procedures for the relevant types of work, consult the relevant safety technical knowledge, and truly be a new era, new ideas, and some full -time safety management personnel.
    Over the past year, due to the great importance to production safety, coupled with the joint efforts of all levels of the operation teams at all levels of the project department, the safety production work of the project department has achieved some achievements. The accident contributed to the company's economic development and stability.
    At the same time as affirming the results, I also soberly realized that there are still some shortcomings in the management of safety production:
    The first point is that a few persons in charge are not strong in production. The concept of safety production is relatively weak. Fortunately;
    The second point is that there are very few operating teams' hidden dangers of safety hazards and rectification in time, not in place, and dynamic variables. Generally, small accidents occur;
    There are no special types of jobs on the job, and there is a problem of unlicensed jobs;
    If fourth point is the need for work safety propaganda and education to be carried out for a long time; the existence of these issues requires me not to be blind and optimistic. Feelings and awareness of responsibility, we must not paralyze at work, do the maximum strength, strive for effective measures, and improve the level of supervision and comprehensive governance.
    I will continue to find gaps, weak points, clarify the direction of hard work on the basis of total results, and strive to push my safety work to a higher level.
    The personal work summary of the 2019 Construction Safety Officer (2)
    I graduated from XX Construction School. Then enter XX Construction Group Co., Ltd. to work. Since participating in the work, we comply with the rules and regulations of the company and the project department, actively obey the work arrangements of leaders, and successfully complete the tasks. The following is a summary of the work of the construction safety officer this year.
    I. Careful planning and building a civilized construction site
    We on the basis of learning from the advanced experience of other on -site safety and civilized construction management, we have carefully planned the overall layout of the safe and civilized construction of the project site to make the overall layout of the construction of the construction of the project to make the overall layout of the construction of the construction of the project to make the overall layout of the construction of the construction of the project to make the overall layout of the construction of the construction of the project to make the overall layout of the construction of the construction of the construction site so as More scientific, reasonable, and standardized. For example, a safe and civilized construction supervision post, a closed color steel plate isolation of the construction area, dividing the civilized construction responsibility area, setting up the construction site flowing vehicle and fixed smoking point, sounding standardized safety warning signs, and the system have been done. The temporary toilet and the eye -catching large -scale propaganda board.
    . Strengthening education and training and improving safety quality
    We adopt the method of running training courses to train professional and part -time security supervisors, so that they can With a clearer understanding; adopt publicity boards, columns of illegal exposure, knowledge competitions, etc. to strengthen the atmosphere of public opinion publicity, create the atmosphere of safe and civilized construction, and achieve a role in enhancing a sense of security and improving the quality of safety.
    . Adhere to the inspection and evaluation to achieve rewards and fines
    , on the premise of establishing the assessment standards and assessment methods, the monthly assessment and evaluation of the monthly organization will be organized, and the results of the comprehensive assessment of each quarter will be rewarded. In the assessment process, adhere to the principles of openness and fairness, and in accordance with the reward standards in a timely manner, rewarding the security supervisors with outstanding work performance also gives certain rewards. Construction enthusiasm.
    . The construction pavement of the hardening and environmental construction
    In order to create a fresh and clean construction site, we all carried out all the main construction road surfaces and divided the civilized construction responsibility area. Special persons clean up and check every day to keep the construction site in a high -standard civilized construction state for a long time.
    5. Continuous improvement and improvement, implement closed -loop management
    In order to improve the level of safety and civilized construction management, we pay attention to summarizing experience in practice, innovate some new working methods, and receive better results. The problems found in each safety inspection have been implemented, and everything has been implemented. The safety work meets the closed -loop management in accordance with the requirements of the assessment of the standard.
    The only lasting advantage of the future is that you learn better than your competitors. Learning has become a means of survival in the workplace. I use all opportunities to participate in various training courses and technical exchanges. Continue to charge yourself and participate in various special training organized by relevant departments.
    The above is my work summary. Although there are achievements, I have also discovered some problems in my work. I will continue to summarize and actively improve myself. Continue to work hard, overcome the shortcomings, summarize experience, learn lessons, and do your work better.
    The personal work summary of the 2019 Construction Safety Officer (3)
    The quietly go to us in 2019. 20XX is coming to us in 20xx. Looking back at the past, looking forward to the future, I am full of confidence, as a security of XX Company Managers are the pursuit of the current essential work. Since I shoulder safety management for decades, I have always maintained a sober mind, diligent and hardworking to treat my work. First, the policy of prevention -oriented "strengthens security management. With the correct leadership of the company, I have a positive attitude to work. I feel very fulfilling this year's work. The work summary of this year will be reported to the company's leaders:
    . The main work content of 2019
    1. According to the company's construction area of ​​the company this year, it is commissioned by the company leaders to ask us to focus on the management of the safety of the science and technology park project. The inspection of the safety production, civilization construction, fire protection, and labor services of the environmental protection park project did feel that the courage was particularly heavy and stressed at the time. At present, the security situation is becoming increasingly severe, but when you think of the trust and trust of the leadership, you must use a qualified security manager to actively enterprising as the motivation. The spiritual spirit is devoted to the work, strives to achieve the goal of achieving the company's safety production, do a good job of safety management, and dedicated in management, rigorous safety awareness and professional ethics, and continuously improve the level of business level. As long as it is conducive to the company The development of interests is conducive to safe production to stand first.
    . First of all, prepare the 2019 safety work plan in the name of the company's security department, determine the goal of safety production management, clarify the responsibility of safety production positions, and sign the construction safety agreement with each construction unit to establish a sound and improve safety production organization. Management agencies and guarantee systems actively implement the "Standardization Management of Construction Site".
    . First of all, the construction units must be equipped with sufficient safety management personnel in accordance with regulations, holding a certificate to work, and effectively doing the safety management of the construction site of the unit, implementing and improving the safety production, civilization construction, fire protection and other various each The work content, formulate construction plans and measures such as safety, fire protection, strict rules and regulations and operating procedures, eliminate illegal command and illegal operations, and effectively prevent and control various accidents.
    . Actively organize and cooperate with the three education work of the construction units of the construction units for workers. The construction staff can work after passing the education examination. Professionals are engaged in various professional operations.
    5. Actively cooperate with the safety inspection work of the relevant departments of the higher level to the construction site, strengthen the requirements of the "Standardization of Safety Management" specifications at the construction site, eliminate hidden dangers, increase rectification efforts, and ensure that the inspection is up to standards.
    6. Strictly require electricity management of the construction site and the living area, carefully implement the requirements for construction power management management specifications, and equip the on -site full -time call personnel (holding the certificate) to increase the inspection and repair of temporary electricity facilities on the spot. Eliminating electricity use accidents to ensure construction safety.
    7. Responsible and supervising the registration and registration of large -scale machinery and equipment in each construction project, use procedures, and request the on -site large, medium and small machinery for regular equipment inspection, strictly operate standards to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment.
    8. Establish a complete fire management system at the construction site, prepare fire emergency plans, and regularly organize exercises to strengthen fire prevention education for construction personnel, strengthen fire prevention awareness, and achieve complete fire protection facilities and equipment on the spot, sensitive and effective , Exclude the hidden fire hazards at the scene. Effectively do a good job of fire prevention, theft, anti -robbing, and preventive emergencies, strengthen security forces, and prevent measures.
    9. Actively participate in the supervision conferences of each construction project, and often organize various safety inspection activities and special safety meetings at the construction site, investigate the hidden dangers and problems on the scene, and request rectification within a time limit. In the nominal, the "Implementation Notice of Rectification of Safety Danger" 32 rectification rates will be issued by more than 85%under the three construction projects, and a corresponding punishment for construction units that are not rectified in time and not in time are not available in time.
    10. Strengthen labor management and inspection of each construction unit. It is required to conscientiously perform various labor service procedures. Responsible for urging all labor service construction units to handle the relevant procedures for the filing of the labor service, the construction staff enrolled the registration, the ID card is retained for the record, and the monthly attendance and salary form are made in the form of the team to ensure the timely and full migrant workers' wages, increase the right right right, increase the right correctness The dynamic management of construction workers resolve labor disputes in a timely manner, and eliminate the occurrence of migrant workers' group complaints, group visits and malicious salaries caused by various reasons.
    . The lack of existence
    . Although the work has achieved certain results in the past year, there are some shortcomings, insufficient ideological liberation, and lack of organization and communication ability; Good learning; not bold enough at work, change the working method in the process of learning, and continuously innovate and improve. Constantly summarizing experience in future work, overcome insufficient, and strive to work better.
    . Work plan for next year
    1. In the study of the Chinese cultural traditional education "Disciples" organized by the company recently, use the "Disciples Regulations" to request themselves at all times and implement it on daily actions , Improve your own quality and change bad habits.
    2. Promoting the enterprising spirit of diligently, strengthen learning, pay attention to learning methods while learning, correct learning attitude, improve learning benefits, and strive to cultivate solid theoretical skills and practical work style, establish practical image, establish practical image, and establish practical image. Strive to make work better.
    3. Promoting the spirit of hard work and hard work, bravely carry the burden, take the initiative to find things to do, so as to be diligent, diligent, hand -diligent, and leg diligence. Actively adapt to various environments, hone their will in complex work, and enhance their talents.
    . Obief the company's leadership arrangements, obey command, be a good assistant, and actively complete the various tasks issued by the company. In short, we must do a good job of essential work, keep up with the pace of the times, and safeguard the interests of the company. Escort the continuous stability of XX.
    The personal work summary of the 2019 Construction Safety Officer (IV)
    Since I joined the job, with the concern and help of the company's leaders, the XX factory leader and colleagues in my work, I have been serious and responsible, ask for the truth, ask for the truth, ask for the truth, please the truth, please the truth, please the truth, please the truth, please the truth. Practical, the attitude of the service company is engaged in the safety management of the XX factory, and has greatly improved in terms of working ability and learning. Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the respectable company leaders and dear colleagues. The following is the summary of my work this year.
    I. In terms of working ability
    I graduated from the company to work from last year and served as the safety officer of the company's XX factory office. The safety work itself is relatively complicated, but in order to do a good job, I am not afraid of trouble. I ask the leaders to ask the leaders, learn from colleagues, explore practice and learn by myself. It clarifies the procedures for the main safety hazards and hidden dangers in the factory area, improves its own work ability, forms a clear work idea, can successfully carry out work and skillfully complete the job.
    I engage in safety work, I know the responsibility of being a safety manager, so I earnestly implement the national policy, laws and regulations, and various rules and regulations of the company during the working period, and resolutely obey the work arrangements of the leadership. Carry out safety production, keep in mind the safety management policy of "safety first, prevention, comprehensive governance" of safety management goals, cooperate with leaders to implement the safety production responsibility system, and do a good job of safe and civilized production. In the year I just joined the job, doing my job well is my goal.
    . The work achievement achieved
    1. Assistance to the leaders to register and report the hidden safety hazards in the factory area, put forward corresponding rectification opinions and conscientiously implement the rectification of each hidden danger to prevent safety accidents. Participating in the daily safety inspection, special safety inspection and monthly civilized production inspection of the factory area, they often conduct in -depth work site inspections of safety hazards.
    2. Participate in the preparation of emergency plans, safe production operation procedures and anti -"three violations" work, and urge employees to do a good job of occupational health protection. Assist leaders to do a good job of safety and training, publicity and production safety and production safety month.
    . Learning ability and work attitude
    The love of your own profession, enthusiastic about your job, strictly discipline yourself, and do people in work, learn experience, and learn things. I have been in contact with the company's safety standardization to work late, and it seems that it is not experienced in the usual implementation process. This makes me understand the importance of learning. I believe that with the enthusiastic guidance of leaders and colleagues Carry out the work, so that the specifications are truly through the production activities, play its due role, and better promote the safety production of our factory.
    , while doing my job well, I also adhere to the continuous update and improvement of business knowledge and personal ability. It can be better used at work.
    I knows that I still have a lot of deficiencies in my work, but I firmly believe that I can do each work in practice as long as I can do every work, and to carefully handle each safety hazard problem, and implement the system of each responsibility system. Combining theory with practice, we can strive for further improvement in security technology, and provide the company's security management with more reliable security guarantees.

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