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  1. What does WeChat mean for companies? It not only means marketing, but it also means that the company brand is better to make the brand better! It means service, which means big data, which means e -commerce, which means the change of business models, and the opportunity of the mobile Internet.
    The WeChat group we joined, it is more like a enterprise's exhibition hall. It shows all the culture, image, brand, we mostly send some positive information information every day, each WeChat friend sends some positive energy information. In this way, I can better interact with customers. The advantage of WeChat also has such a good interactive function.
    WeChat positioning and value!
    1. Different people, different services, when we do WeChat marketing, we do not have to treat everyone as our customers, but to be targeted.
    2. Play WeChat is not blindly selling your products, but to provide value for others.
    3. Making WeChat marketing is not a momentary interest. After playing for two days, after three days of annoyance, I don't care. I remembered the process of playing again, but a process of persistence.
    WeChat marketing mode:
    WeChat is still a process of groping now. At present, China has not really succeeded, but if it is planned to do a business model, the effect is absolutely beyond imagination. Essence
    The current use of WeChat marketing 3 points
    1. Drifting bottle marketing
    2. Location signature
    3. WeChat marketing
    Learning WeChat is not to learn how to do each step, but to learn how WeChat is combined with traditional enterprises, learn its business model, plan, and its own product marketing model.
    Corporate values:
    The power of the seeds, "The sole of Shenmu on the Alishan Mountain is because the seeds fell into the soil 4000 years ago, it was not known after 4000 years. A company can be able to. How big does it take when it is done, but at the beginning, according to the company's vision, how big a man's mind is, how big his career is, how big a woman's mind is, and her happiness, her happiness, and her happiness How big is it! Career decision pattern, mind determines the future.
    As the era of the new economy Internet, the industry is generally very successful. All products are sold, but selling a product to the industry leader and the industry first. When the brand reaches it, it will be added. For example, when you buy a book, you will think of being a net, not to go to Taobao; When you want to buy decorations, you will think of Ai Ye; when you talk about e -commerce, you will mention Ma Yun. These cases tell us:
    1. Always avoid the same way as strong opponents in the same field in the same field in the same field. Do the same thing,
    2. The more symmetrical situations that companies can create, the more beneficial the more favorable
    and today's cross -border, alliance, subdivision, product chain extension ... The competition of enterprises is not the competition of a single enterprise Instead, the competition of ecological circles and ecological chains in the ecological jungle.
    The competition from the past market competition and product competition to the competition of the ecological environment of the entire new economy era. With the development of categories, as the category dies, it dies. Just like a big tree, each branch represents a category, and each category has a strong brand. Enterprises are like a big tree. Create different brands in the customer's mind, and eventually grow into Ye Mao's brand big tree!

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