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  1. Calligraphy and painting must be able to hold loneliness, do not carry out extensive and frequently exchanges, otherwise you will suffer!
    The collection, protection, management, research, promotion and exchange of calligraphy and painting. In the narrow sense, calligraphy and painting collection is the collection of traditional calligraphy and Chinese painting. In a broad sense, it is a collection of all fine arts such as calligraphy, engraving, Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor, and printmaking. The collection must have your own opinion, grasp yourself, and don't chase the trend. Otherwise, wait for the stir -frying wind, you will find that you are fooled, and you should not buy those things back. Therefore, as a collector, it is very dangerous if it is a connoisseur at different times. Because you have to listen to others if you do n’t understand the appreciation, you will follow the trend blindly; others do n’t pay money when buying things. He reads the wrong loss. You can collect so many works. in accordance with. As long as you often learn and study and communicate with others, it can become an appreciation. "Appreciation" is not a "metaphysics". Appreciation is research comparison. It is really compared with true. Finding the style of painters created by painters and the laws of different appearances in different periods. Really compared with false comparison, find out the truth of judging true and false. Fake and false comparison, find the law of fake fakes. There is also a unique condition to develop from the collection to an appraiser, that is, you have collections, and collections are important identification materials.
    E every Changming period in history is the prosperity of literary and artistic creation, and it is also the heyday of cultural collection. When the rulers of all ages are stable in society and rising around the world, they must always search for artworks to enrich the inner government collection. Taking calligraphy and painting as an example, there have been several large -scale concentrations in history. During the period of Li Shimin, Wu Zetian, and Li Longji of the Tang Dynasty, the search for calligraphy and painting spared no effort, which was extremely prosperous; although Song Huizong was politically faint, he was a genius in calligraphy and painting, and he was drunk. And set up a special mounting style "Xuanhe Pretend" to compile "Xuanhe Painting Book" and "Xuanhe Book Book"; as for the inner government collection of the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, it can be said to reach the peak of the feudal period, the volumes edited during the Qianlong period Yi Haofeng's calligraphy and painting book "Shi Qu Bao Di" and "Secret Hall Pearl Forest" are evidence. The loss and collection of artworks have disappeared. After a large -scale concentration again and again, it is then a large -scale loss. Especially when changing the dynasties, the evil luck of art also followed. As a result, the collection of all ages has shown a trend of sharp decline as a whole. However, because the emperor can rely on the power of one country, it can also make some buried worlds re -see the day, and to make up for the losses of all ages. At the same time, some representative works that appear in each era have been preserved and accumulated over time to make the collection of calligraphy, calligraphy, and cultural relics increasingly richer.
    The significance of material and spiritual aspects of material and spiritual. On the one hand, it is a product carrying history, culture, and artistic information. Its value is unstable, and it changes with the changes in the fashion and aesthetic taste of the times. The overall upward trend. Taking calligraphy and painting as an example, Qi Baishi's same painting was worth 100 yuan in the 1970s, and now, it can reach 300,000 yuan. As for ancient calligraphy and painting, after years, its increase was even greater. In modern society, engaging in collection has become an important investment method for people. Relatively low inputs and relatively high outputs, low -risk and high -efficiency cultural relics collections have become more and more popular with people of insight. Today, the economy is becoming increasingly prosperous, collection is no longer a patent for literati, but has gradually become part of people's economic and spiritual life. There are countless people who have become rich in history in history. In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, due to the development of Jiangnan's economy, a large number of collectors of calligraphy and painting were emerged, such as Wen Zhengming's father and son, Xiang Yuanzhang family, Wang Shizhen brothers, and Dong Qichang. These collectors are also famous painters and painters at the same time. On the one hand, their collection promotes the prosperity of the calligraphy and painting market at the time, and at the same time, it also promotes the development of the economy. Collection is not only a symbol of wealth, but also a symbol of taste, cultivation, and status. Especially in recent years, many companies have participated in the collection, fully demonstrating the levels and charm of modern enterprises, making it the object of public attention in the fierce business war. While changing people's material life, it also enhances people's spiritual life. If it is said that the collections are in the inner government, but it is part of the property of many countries; for private collectors, each one is of unusual significance. Every detail of each collection: color and charm are clearly on the chest, and they are familiar with the stories and legends about it. Its gains and losses, coming, and gathers are closely related to you. Therefore, it makes sense to say that collecting can cultivate sentiment and cultivation. It requires collectors to have a rational economic mind, but also have good artistic cultivation. In the process of collectors, the collectors have subtly cultivated themselves into modern people who are rational and perceptual in harmony.

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