What is the salary of Hefei nail art master

I want to be nails, and I am afraid that the salary is too low to raise myself.

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  1. According to statistics, the average salary of a nail artist in Hefei: ¥ 4065 yuan/month. The income of more than 6 years can be nearly 10,000 yuan/month.

    But the actual income needs to be determined according to the specific situation, and the above is for reference only.

  2. When I was doing nails, I asked the manicurist. They all made a commission and there were guarantees. The guests who made up to 3 or 4000 were super 3 or 4,000 a month, with an average of 1000 a month. The treatment is to see the passenger flow of the nail shop, 2 shifts every day.

  3. The salary of the makeup artist has a local consumption with your own technical level, and the working environment is related. Take Guizhou, for example, the salary of the makeup artist just came out of our school students is generally about 3,000. With a certain amount of experience than the makeup artist, it is generally around 6,000, and the high -level makeup artist has a monthly income of 8,000 to 10,000 yuan. Of course, the makeup artist is a relatively free profession. You can use your own work to pick up orders. In that case, it will increase your income a lot.

  4. Eyebrows are also semi -permanent. If you learn half permanent, you must first depend on the school's technology. Is the teacher made the eyebrows very beautiful? Secondly, the teacher has practical practice theoretical teaching. Whether the teacher has a hand -made counseling guidance There is also the atmosphere of the class whether there is any active atmosphere, and then to understand the arrangement of the curriculum content, is there any reasonable? Finally, the general price is between 6-9 thousand? Go to study

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