At present, there are many problems and pain points in the home improvement industry. Which company can effectively solve these pain points?

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  1. In 2019, the current market status and development trend analysis of the Chinese home improvement industry has become a well -operating industry in the industry's new hotspot home improvement industry. Decoration and decoration to improve its use function and artistic value. House clothes refer to projects that are based on residents and are mainly decorated and decorated inside the residential room.
    With the development of the economy, the demand for home decoration has increased year by year, and the market size of our country's home decoration industry has also shown an increasing trend year by year. According to the statistics of the Analysis Report, the market size of the Chinese home decoration industry in 2015 has reached 1.83 trillion yuan. As of 2017, the market size of the Chinese home home decoration industry exceeded 2 trillion yuan, reaching 2.1 trillion yuan. Initially estimated that the market size of the Chinese home furnishings industry in 2018 will reach 2.25 trillion yuan. According to forecasts, by 2020, the market size of the Chinese home decoration industry will reach 2.59 trillion yuan, which will still have a growth space of nearly 500 billion yuan from 2017.
    2015-2020 Mid-State Home Home Decoration Industry City Farm Target Target and Increased Incretion
    Data Source: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    Although the overall revenue of the home improvement industry has declined in recent years, the overall market has maintained a good operation. In the third quarter of 2018, more than 70%of the company's listed enterprises in the home improvement industry increased positive growth. In terms of revenue, the golden praying mantis made the top spot for 18.539 billion yuan, and Red Star Macron ranked second with 9.991 billion yuan. In terms of net profit, Red Star Macalline's net profit in the third quarter of 2018 was as high as 4.39 billion yuan, ranking first, and the golden praying mantis ranked second with a net profit of 1.588 billion yuan. third.
    The home improvement industry has entered a new round of financing
    2018 The home costume industry capital, which ushered in a new round of financing frenzy, and many companies received hundreds of millions of yuan in financing. According to incomplete statistics, the number of financing incidents in the home improvement industry in 2018 was 60, an increase of 25 from the previous year, and the financing amount reached 21.398 billion yuan, an increase of 699.03%year -on -year. Among them, the home house received 13.198 billion yuan in strategic investment, and Ali and affiliated investors invested 5.453 billion yuan, accounting for 15%of the shares.
    It's round of financing, startups still occupy a large proportion. 29 companies have received round A and below, accounting for 48.3%of the total number of financing companies.
    2012-2018 The number of investments in the homeland in the middle of the country and the amount of financing of financing funds
    Data sources: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    Sminton home and whole house customization became industry hotspots The furniture industry ushered in rapid development, the industry's revenue scale exceeded 100 billion, and the market penetration rate still increased. The whole house customization is the result of various role of consumers, home improvement companies, and industries. Personalized and diversified consumption is the mainstream of modern consumption. From the perspective of consumers, customized furniture can meet consumers' different styles and specifications, and the whole house is customized and effort. Higher, and the whole house customization can greatly increase the unit price and increase sales.
    The current installation includes two modes: standardized home improvement and personalized home improvement. At this stage, manufacturers involved in the whole field provided a fusion and rectification solution, that is, "standardized hard installation personalized custom furniture integrated soft outfit".
    Analysis of the cause of the rise of the whole house
    The source of data: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    With the shuffling of the home industry, a large number of home improvement companies have closed down, and the popularity of Internet home improvement has gradually declined. Smart homes and smart homes and Custom homes are gradually favored by consumers. According to the popularity of keywords in the home installation industry in 2018, the whole house customization and smart home are ranked first and third, respectively.
    It's distribution of financing enterprises in the home installation industry in 2018, smart home companies are more favored by the capital market. Among them, a total of 23 smart home companies received investment, accounting for 46.94%of the total number of investment companies. These include BroadLink, Yunding Technology, Caddy Smart, Green Rice, Source Code Smart and other companies. In addition, design technology enterprises and new retail companies in home improvement have also received the attention of the capital market
    2018 Mid -National Home Installation Keywords Hot Dot Brexit analysis situation
    Data Source: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    2018 The distribution of the main business business of investment and financing enterprises
    Data source: Foresight Industry Research Institute organized
    The cross -border integration of the home improvement industry, rectified into normal
    2018, full -house customization, smart home, home improvement market Fields have become industry hotspots. Internet companies and finished home furnishing companies have entered the customized market and smart home market.
    The full -housing customization field, all the full -house customization is launched. Qu Mei launched the B8 full -house customization, palm pearl, federal home furnishing company and other finished home furnishing companies. In addition to traditional finished home furnishing brands, home textiles, bathrooms and other companies are also involved in the field of house customization.
    Im smart home fields, Xiaomi and Yi have reached strategic cooperation. All intelligent lighting products of IKEA access to Xiaomi IoT platform to support the Mijia APP and Xiaoai Voice control; Solution; Suning's acquisition of advantages technology and entering the smart lock business; Huawei cooperated with Op Lighting to launch the smart home brand "Huawei Intelligent Selection".
    In the era of consumption upgrade, the whole house customization and smart homes are the main development trends in the future. The development of the whole house and the development of smart homes has promoted itself. The scope of business, cross -border integration will become long -term trends

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