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  1. The matrix live broadcast refers to the live broadcast of multiple mobile phones.
    The new media operations generally go through four stages: starting, growth, maturity, and recession. Starting period: During this period, you should try on a certain or certain platform to gradually accumulate power to find the core force point as the goal. At this time, it is more trial and error and exploration. Growth period: At this stage, it starts to fix on certain platform operations, and gradually began to transition to stability. The main goal is to find traffic and find the core operation mode. Mature period: After entering the maturity period, it also begins to enter the profit period. For further explorations according to specific needs, you can start gradually differentiation and use a diversified matrix to deepen the expansion. During the recession period: When entering the recession period, the user's attention decreases. According to the actual situation, you can close the invalid account and focus on the core platform. Depending on the goal, it can be adjusted by the goal, which can be targeted at finding new growth points, or to further deepen the existing matrix, strengthen the vertical depth, and expand the influence as the main goal. When the media enters the growth period, you can start considering whether to build a media matrix. For example, there are more than 100,000 user groups, more than 20,000 core user groups, and the user group has more obvious differences in the user group. Then at this time, it is very appropriate to build a media matrix to meet the needs of different groups.

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