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  1. 1. Learn the hot industry, high -paying occupations, and never unemployment. As people's needs, it is not an emerging industry and will not be eliminated. Only the dishes are the other, and there will be no replacement of the product. 2. The chef develops well and enhances the space. Chefs and administrative chefs are currently scarce talents, and they are also the goals of learning chefs. The positions of high salary and shortage will only appear in the catering industry. The chef will always be your first choice. 3. Learn chefs are small and large in return. No matter where you are, no matter your poor and rich, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can have your own career without investing in millions. 4. The cooking chef spends less time, and the employment is fast. Easy to learn, easy to understand, starting point is zero. Starting from the foundation, as long as you do it, you can learn the course.
    The chefs can be regarded as high -paying occupations, especially for chefs with technical experience, the salary level is indeed different from before. Middle chefs in big cities now generally salary at a level of tens of thousands of levels. In the development of social catering, people have changed to the concept of chefs, and chefs have become increasingly popular occupations.

  2. What industry is the best for young people to engage in? Please give pointers
    This can learn chefs. The chef is one of the well -known profiles. Some people have food and food. With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone's requirements for eating, wearing, living, and use are getting higher and higher. More and more people go out of the house and enter the hotel or restaurant. The enduring industry.
    has no age restrictions to learn chefs. It is relatively simple to learn. As long as you are willing to learn and learn with your heart, there are more and more people who learn to learn chefs in junior high school graduates.
    No matter which city, hotels, restaurants, and hot pot restaurants can be seen everywhere, the business is quite hot. With the improvement of people's living standards, the development prospects of the catering industry are bright, coupled with the high advantages of the catering industry's high profits, the turnover of funds, and flexible investment, etc., it has become a choice of entrepreneurship for many people.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer more and more young people who want to start a business now finally make enough money, but do not know what projects make money, because they do not want to destroy their accumulation, so when choosing a project, very careful 1. Car maintenance: Like now, it is difficult to make money if you just want to rely on car washing alone. After all, the profit of car washing alone is very low, mainly by some additional service items. For example: car beauty, car washing and waxing, changing tires, giving films, replacement of oil, etc., are all good choices. 2. New convenience stores: The emergence of new retail is even more right, and convenient development has brought new opportunities. It has brought tremendous changes to the development of convenience stores. Through the demand for goods, the processing of data, and maximizing the needs of people, people can buy what they want at their doorsteps. 3. Washing industry: dry cleaning, laundry industry, relatively low threshold, small investment, and large market. It has always been a small entrepreneur, a good choice. The profit is also high, like a piece of clothing 15-20 yuan, high-end 50 to 100. Just wash 60-80 pieces of daily income a day. 4. Personalized personalized customization of private photos is printed and packaged according to the needs of consumers. This market share has a lot of market share, but the faucet has not been produced. As long as it is done well, you can still share it. This investment is small and zero risks, and there are many returns.nIs there any question?nAnswer 5. Opening the snack shop is currently under great pressure, and some of the consumption of many young people will be spent on snacks, with an average of at least ten yuan for snacks every day. Especially female friends, women who love snacks can be said to be one of the daily living expenses. Snacks are fast consumer products, and the development prospects of the industry are still very good. 6: The new wallpaper of the wallpaper specialty store uses high -quality paper as the material. The surface passes through the light and the back is coated with glue. The moisture -proof waterproof is not easy to fade, it is not easy to fall off, long life, easy to clean, the price is relatively low, and the decoration construction is simple. A narrow shop with a facade of only 2 meters, a curly display, a large capacity; you can also open a wallpaper shop with wholesale and retail, which can be displayed with different display styles. The common feature is that there are several volumes including decorative renderings and wallpaper samples. 7. Opening the clothing store and clothing industry are a industry that is more popular with entrepreneurs. If it was before, they would only care about the women's market. Now men also start to pay attention to dressing, so the market prospects are even more good. 8: Adult Model Store 1) Preliminary investment: 15-3 million yuan; 2) Investment form: non-franchise; 3) Store area: about 40-60 square meters; 4) Store rent: different from the location, it can be controlled at 1 10,000 yuan/ month; 5) Investment site selection: communities or commercial areas and schools with high traffic and high consumption levels; 6) Consumer group: Men who love models from junior high school students to white -collar workers; 7) Investment return period: 1 year.nI want to make a guarantee, I don’t know what to do. Give a suggestionnThe answer that is guaranteed must be street snacks. People take food as the sky and learn to make those snacks.nI don’t want to sell snacks yetnAnswer the products that can only be used for cars. Domestic cars are growing. Almost a few households have cars.nQuestion, but I don’t understand thisnAnswer what you know, as the saying goes: interlaced like a mountain, or you don’t understand either you do n’t touch it or learn againn7 morenBleak

  4. `Oh, did you not indicate that you are men or women?
    If it is a woman, it ’s good to be a cosmetic master, and you can learn a lot of nutrition and health care!
    If it is a man, I don't know, because I am a female. Essence

  5. You can consider learning the chef. Now the chef industry is still very popular. Many technical talents need to be used. You can go to the hotel to work after learning. You can open a restaurant to start a business. If you want to learn

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