What should I do if I do a mobile phone film business?

Hello, I want to make a mobile phone film, what should I do, what should I pay attention to, can I teach me?

4 thoughts on “What should I do if I do a mobile phone film business?”

  1. First of all, you have to have supply, and you have to know that there are many mobile phone buyers. You can enter those mobile phone styles, the film is very simple, what kind of mobile phone and what film, first use the surface of cleaning the mobile phone to put the matching film on the screen of the mobile phone.

  2. Select the right mobile phone film corresponding to the right mobile phone model, clean the mobile phone screen with a professional soft cloth plus cleaner, remove the anti -sticking of the film, let the membrane on one side of the mobile phone, and then use a soft cloth bag upward with a plastic board. Push, tear off the anti -stick layer at the same time, and rush the bubbles.

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  4. You see if you are full of mobile phone films everywhere. They keep it all day long and do no business at all. You go to see other industries and find some distinctive projects to do it.

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