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  1. In rural areas, many industries have not been fully developed, which brings a lot of opportunities to farmers. The following is the 14 ideas that I share for you to get rid of poverty and get rich. I hope it will help you start a business!

    The new farmers can only use the vision of modern economy to see things, and they can Finding a market after another is now a era of comprehensive economic development. In the future, more new products and innovation areas will be born in rural areas. Rural people can only be positive, accept new industries, change traditional ideas, and vision will be visible. It will be different. Rural business opportunities are everywhere. Young farmers in the new era may wish to see more and understand. Maybe the following content can bring you entrepreneurial inspiration.
    , operating heating supplies
    It is now coming in winter, and it is a good time when the fire is roasted at home. In the cold season, the stove is indispensable. Of course, it is also the peak season for the sales of the stove. There are a lot of wood resources in rural areas, and there are many people with craftsmanship. If you purchase wood processing locally, and then organize some old craftsmen to design and produce at home. Please make a stroke to make a variety of roasting quilts. Things, handmade stove racks are better than the quality of the market. They can be designed multi -function, can be folded, can be used as a desk, and can be set up at home as furniture. Handmade things generally have craftsmanship. Different degrees of process can also be sold for agents in batches. In short, it meets practicality, exquisite craftsmanship, durable, beautiful appearance, and consumers will rush to buy.
    . The warehouse management and transportation
    The social service industry is also very market prospects. If you can bring high -quality services to people, there is a steady stream of income. There are many services in life. The industry has done a good job. On -site home appliances repair, express logistics to the home, all seize the word "convenience", do warehouse management handling and distribution, can definitely occupy the warehouse management market, provide customers with storage management, plus transportation, and customers for customers Save effort, time -saving, and safe. Undertake the warehousing outsourcing business, complete facilities, and first -class services, customers will accept it. If your family is not far away, you can do the business of warehouse services. Use existing land to build a certain area of ​​warehouse with steel frame rooms, improve the infrastructure, and even install some modern equipment. Customers can use the APP monitor through the APP monitor Looking at your own goods from time to time, you can also call the administrator to distribute remotely. Do this. In the early stage, you must run more markets in the city and issue publicity advertisements and posters to some merchants and wholesale markets. There are not many people who operate, but they are very challenging. As long as a district has done the first order and serving this customer, the market will gradually be opened.
    three, high value -added grain breeding industry
    This farming should also be targeted. Although it is common to cultivate in the countryside, not every breeding has a better economy that has a better economy. Benefits, farmers' friends can start some more distinctive projects. Black gold rabbits are mainly forage and omnivorous, consuming small costs, which are economical-like animals, which are 2-3 times higher than ordinary animal and poultry output. In rural areas, some farm work can be used for raising the remaining or lower scripts. According to farmers, in addition to the good value of the black gold rabbit, the fur is also a high -value -added industry. High -priced collection, current domestic and foreign market demand is large, my country is also vigorously exporting foreign exchange, and the market share of specialty meat products has risen year by year. The finished black gold rabbit has shown a trend in the rise from 2017 to the present. Lack of supply, some experts predict that the prospects for the development of the Black Gold Rabbit in the past ten years will be optimistic. Farmers can develop a production and sales in one way with some merchants. This kind of breeding will also be a year of red fire.
    four, holding a group to operate foreign products
    Now it is a very convenient era of shopping. As long as your product is cheap and good quality, you will not worry about no one to buy. In recent years The fierce business, this is a new business model that opened a new situation of sales and promoted the sales of product. In fact, in the countryside, you can also use this method to carry out sales. Relying on the amount, you can establish a living group, WeChat group or public platform in the local area to pull some local receipt and sending persons into the addition through cooperation with some local express service sites. At the same time, it sells some foreign products through ordering and group purchase orders, and has brought benefits to the local people. Zhang Qing is an economic person who is an agricultural product. He cooperates with a local rookie service site. Through the establishment of groups, he buys a single -to -order sales of Anyuan Navel Orange. Ten, ten passes, the number of ordered people is continuous, and the gratifying sales have been obtained. Therefore, as long as the brain is living and the sales method is novel, it can be favored by mass consumers.
    five, cross -regional customs catering
    "catering industry" has always been a relatively prosperous industry. It is always inseparable from eating in life. The key to engaging in the catering industry is to do differently. There are few ones in the market, especially in rural areas. If there is no highlight, it will not attract people outside to spend. In Yunnan, some farmers have set up large tents and started the grilled sheep with Mongolian bags. Sheep, but the tall black goat in the south. Compared with the lamb like cotton sheep, it has more fragrant lamb. It is crispy and tender inside. A lamb is baked by more than 1,000 yuan. People who spend in the past are endless. Such a Mongolian bag roasted whole sheep catering not only allows consumers to feel the vocal catering in Inner Mongolia, but also eat other flavor of roasted sheep. It can be described as a consumption. Therefore, in rural areas to engage in such cross -regional customs, the environment does not necessarily be luxurious. It is creative, and you are not afraid of no one. Now it is also a micro -network. As long as customers feel interesting, they will get more circle of friends. Share publicity.
    6. Self -service modern entertainment business
    The self -service amusement business, many people still heard for the first time, yes, the earlier the new things can make money, the more you can make money. Now it is a technology of technology. Times, technology has changed life, and also saves a lot of costs. Self -help speaking is to spend on independence and independence. Businessmen do not need to manually take it manually. Interesting, some people in the city have started the business of self -service children's entertainment. There are lollipop winning, marble game consoles, rotating gifts, VR experiences, etc. These are all after the coin -to -coin. You can also operate such a business in rural areas. It is set in some places with large crowds, such as near the market, at the gate of the supermarket, next to the children's clothing store, etc. As long as the equipment is fun, there is a good income.
    This is an era of resource sharing. It can make reasonable use of resources and integrate resources to make money. However, it is necessary to have active thinking to share this career. Understand some modern business models. You can learn from the case of market success. You may not make a lot of investment. The business of rural shared stores is a new thing that needs to guide and stimulate the needs. Of course, you will definitely be able to do a lot of energy in the early stage. Specifications, and then the investment promotion products settled in, we know that agricultural and sideline products are also very rich. Various planting products, handmade products, farmhouse dry goods, etc. All products of farmers' families can enter this store and settle in non -rent. After the product is transmitted, settlement according to a small amount of commission, or if you have better management, you need to think about it carefully. Generally, the business of farmers in shared stores will be willing to accept it, and once such a business method is opened, there will be no later in the back. If few farmers join, the products will become richer and more popular.
    8. Doing live agricultural products
    The channels for sales now. Some people in the city have made live broadcasts and sold daily necessities. It is said that the sales volume is not bad. They will go online every day, talk about life, talk about some interesting things, and some common sense of life in science, and at the same time combine the products they operate. With the attention and love of netizens, consumers are also easy to accept such a sales method. In this era, as long as the way you operate are diverse, the product is really good, you will not be afraid to sell it. Life, also selling products, is a good thing for more than one fell swoop. Live broadcast is also a trend of development in the past two years. The content is well done, and fans will naturally come. From this industry, many people have obtained good benefits through live broadcasts. In fact, they can also put this way. The way to introduce the countryside, you can operate your own planted local products, handmade products, dry goods, etc., of course, the premise is that you are good at expressing, you can show your own rural life, live some positive contents, you will definitely get unexpectedly unexpected content Effect.
    nine, micro -business crowdfunding planting industry
    is currently popular to be Weishang, and the era of mobile Internet has achieved many entrepreneurial youths. You can also use micro -business to engage in agriculture in rural areas. If the model of crowdfunding is relatively rare, it is an innovative business model. It has a good market advantage, has a small operating cost, and high return. There are many land resources in rural areas. It is suitable for vigorously carrying out the planting industry and can be done in the direction of fruits and vegetables, because people are still paying more attention to eating. Organic vegetables, organic fruits, and pesticide chemical fertilizers. If people are popular, crowdfunding fruit and vegetables are to investigate the existing planting projects and divide them with investors after the harvest. After the planting products are mature, investors can also share sales through WeChat transmission, so that additional commission returns can also be obtained. This method is beneficial to operators and investors. Ying Ying will be recognized by the public.
    ten, pet costume business
    Nowadays, people's material life is getting richer and richer. Many people in the city raised cats and dogs, and people also dressed them. Some people said that the city said the city. Raising an ordinary golden dog in it, there are thousands of dollars a year, including supplies and clothing, and clothing will often be updated, and it can also form a trend. Obviously, it is revealed that there are unlimited business opportunities in pet costumes. Nowadays, the market for pet supplies starts to become hot. If you understand some tailor technology, or hire a master to set up a studio with professional pet clothing, and specially make pet clothing, it will definitely bring a lot of benefits. It is understood that there are no manufacturers of clothing and cat clothing on the market. Most of them are made by some family workshops. In fact, there are many old fabrics in the old rural clothes. You can buy it for tailoring and cooperate with some pet shops in the city. Can open the sales. Such business profits are rich, and the cost of fabrics of old materials is low. As long as there are many tricks and beautiful appearance, they can attract customers. If they are used well, the old guests will not be small.
    eleven, business of running fruit and vegetable business
    fruit and vegetable merchants, this is a flexible mind and accounting for accounts, but emotional intelligence is high, mainly information, good communication, and contact some local fruit distribution. The farmer's market, wholesale. Master some fruits and vegetables in various regions in time. To do such an intermediate business, you also need to understand the characteristics of various fruits and vegetables, market sales, and establish long -term binding cooperative relationships with some planting fruit farmers and vegetable farmers. While supplies the dealers, you can also undertake the family consumption of the local people. It is relatively rare, such as some areas rich in passion fruits, hawthorn, cherry, round jujube, sorghum fruit, pear, blueberry, mountain apricot, etc. The fruit and vegetable agricultural products in my country are very rich. It is worth doing such regional fruits and vegetables.
    This, operating stone business
    Now many decoration in the city will use a variety of stone, the stone decoration is high, and the practicality is strong. Except for most of the villas, the stone has entered the stone. Thousands of households, with the improvement of rural economic levels, stone materials will gradually enter the rural market. There are not many stone business in rural areas. If you start to do this business first, you will definitely occupy the local stone market and operate operations and operate. The household is suitable for starting from an early age. The retail material business generally enters some samples, which is small, but the profit is rich. The cost is only dozens of yuan per square meter. After the cutting and cutting, it can sell more than 100 yuan per square meter. Master a certain cutting skills and provide a variety of rich materials for the people in the countryside. Stones are divided into granite and marble. In recent years, stone materials are not only used for interior. There are many houses, and the decoration of stone is indispensable. There is a rigid demand. As long as a typical customer case is made, this can drive a market in rural areas.
    3, the construction of the concrete stirring business
    Nowadays, rural development is fast, people's living conditions have obviously improved, and the people's economy is good. This brings business opportunities to the concrete mixing business. The mechanized operation greatly reduces the cost of labor and saves time. Some farmers have calculated a account. Fun, pave the floor panel, at least 15 personnel must be invited. Now the labor salary is 200 yuan/person/day, and the consumption of a day is about 3,000 yuan. If there is such a mechanized operation of stirring concrete, you can drive directly to drive. Infrastructure construction construction will greatly improve efficiency and reduce the cost of construction. Putting mechanization of mechanization of budget mechanization is cheaper than manual, and quality is better in quality. Therefore, farmers' families are willing to invite them. The money can be dug, and there are fewer things to do such things in the local area. After all, investing in such equipment and mixing cars requires capital. If the funds are abundant, you can consider it, and you can also work with a few friends.
    14, special fruit and vegetable planting

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