What is the development prospect of special mortar?

It is hoped that the company's development prospects can be answered in combination with technical advantages and possible problems. Thank you. Essence Essence

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  1. Green development is the direction and action guide of my country's construction industry. Green building materials are content that cannot be ignored in green development. In the past ten years, pre -mixed mortar as a means to promote the green development of the building materials industry, and has been advocating that many people in the industry said in an interview with reporters that the development prospects of pre -mixed mortar are very bright, but they also need to face development problems in the face of development. They emphasized that pre -mixed mortar will play an important role in future industrial transformation and upgrading and green building development. In modern engineering construction, the amount of mortar is second only to concrete, and statistics believe that it takes 1/4 to 1/3 of cement.

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