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  1. I am a business consultant of the China Logistics Industry Association, and I am honored to see this problem.
    The currently joining the China Logistics Industry Association, first of all, you need to identify the relevant purpose and concept of the association, and secondly, fill in a application form (divided by unit members and individual members) -Poltaid The personal subject qualification certificate (personal identity certificate) submits it together, and then the association will review the materials submitted by the applicant. If there is no problem, the applicant will notify the applicant to pay the fees and the annual fee of members; Certificate and member plaque.
    Mcombly joining the members of the China Logistics Industry Association, you can enjoy preferential services for various businesses of the association's units; at the same time, the association will hold various forums, exhibitions, etc. every year, and will invite members to participate in time.
    The information above is provided by the China Logistics Industry Association-Shanghai Chess Master (Zhang Junfeng/Smithen)! Thanks!

  2. This industry association should be the nature of the institution and is relatively leisurely, but the treatment is also average.

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