5 thoughts on “Is there a prospect for development of the leg running company? How to operate?”

  1. Whether the leg running company has a prospect depends on the area where it is. There are many demand for leg running in first and second -tier cities, but they are monopolized by the giants and are quite competitive. Third and fourth -tier cities and towns are now more and more modern.
    Molying a stable and full -featured software to do a stable and full -featured software to deal with the entire leg running process. You ca n’t send a WeChat message to handle the leg running. Now it is generally the way to run the legs applets. Simple and fast
    of course, there are also negotiation and cooperation between surrounding businesses. It is difficult to rely on the scatter order. Among them, it is mainly important for merchants with frequent issuance orders.

  2. There is a promising, just look at how to operate and manage, do not join the other people, let others join the other people to join

  3. Running legs, phrases are interpreted to do miscellaneous things. Modern refers to a profession that helps others and collect a certain amount of remuneration. Takeaway is also a type of leg running service. At present, there are many APPs that provide leg running services on the market. What, a hummingbird, Dada, flash delivery, UU running legs, industry giants and capital have entered the track. Naturally, there is no need to say more about development prospects.
    wants to operate the leg running platform by yourself, which is a systematic and complicated thing, but the core is the three things: traffic, capacity, scheduling
    The flow lies in how many merchants can you connect Type order delivery. At present, the distribution system of Xiaodian City is an order that supports access to Meituan Hungry. A large number of Meituan self -distributed merchants in the area can support the initial operation. At the same time , Sample, blood samples, flowers, cakes, jewelry, valuables and other "timeliness, safety, aesthetics" require high items.
    Ampipping power, when the single volume is unstable in the early stage, the recruitment of the full -time rider does not have a stable single volume to run for him. When you have a single, you may not have time to run. You can only know how to explore your own experience. If you explore it yourself, you will waste a lot of time and money.
    scheduling can be understood as the requirements of the system. Wrap the small -handed leg running system to support different merchants and different riders to set pricing, completely free personalized setting background, the profit is pulled out in this detail.
    Cousting your own leg running platform and riding team. If there is no experience in distribution management scheduling before, you can refer to the distribution of the same city in the same city

  4. Is there a prospect of the leg running company? According to the urban economic level, the level of urban construction, and the consumer consumer view, there is no prospect. If it is a county -level city, it is useless. It is a farmer. You will want you to run your legs by yourself. Before the concept of time in the big city, you can use it for a second.

  5. At present, the development prospects of running companies are very good, especially affected by the epidemic. It seems that everyone has developed the habit of looking for leg running, and the number of legs for leg running has also increased. With the increase of the types of leg running business, buying, delivery, collection, queuing, helping work, etc. have involved all aspects of public life, becoming an indispensable convenience service in people's daily life. It is the best time to quickly prepare for time. If you do n’t know the promotion without software, you can find Kirin's legs. It is a one -stop service platform. The software and support are very professional.

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